Friday, September 16, 2011

Inspired By Beauty's Giveaway!

Hi guys! If you aren't already reading it, Inspired by Beauty (by one of my fave bloggers, Penelope) is running an awesome giveaway!  Click here to check out her page (I hope she doesn't mind I keep linking to it!). 
To be honest, I want to win because I collect all things cupcake and if you read my review you'll know I don't have those Sleek Palettes and that I want them badly, haha!  I haven't ever won a giveaway on a blog before (world's tiniest violin).

Also, I am dying to do a giveaway myself because I've got tons of stuff I bought too many backups of, but I feel silly doing it with less than 50 followers... if you have any suggestions for getting my readership up please leave a comment below!  I'd love to be a Cosmetic Fairy!


  1. I always adored Penelope blog and her giveaway looks great! You should totally do a giveaway, it does help others to look at your blog and you get to have more friends! But, you should do giveaways if only you want too.

  2. Yeah, she is super-nice to boot! I really want to do a giveaway but I'm worried I'll get more readers soon but not have anything to give them if I do it now... so I'm going to try to hold off a little longer :)


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