Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2014 Holiday Party Look = Simple

I'm still in the rarely-wears-makeup-anymore camp, so I wanted to go for a full face for my office holiday party this year. Creativity with makeup comes naturally when I wear it daily, but since I'm only an occasional user these days even classic looks can seem like "too much makeup" on me. My dress is mostly white with black accents (and rhinestones!) so I felt I was giving off a Snow White vibe. Rather than plan a look to elaborate the theme, I just grabbed my e.l.f. Snow White Beauty Book and followed their tutorial. Quite lovely, no?

Other products used:

Some silicone primer I got in a subscription box a year ago (forgot the brand - obscure. e.l.f. mineral   primer is about the same, I just didn't have a bottle open).

Wet'n'Wild Cover All Cream Foundation in 816 Fair/Light

e.l.f. hd concealer in fair

beauty blender sponge (forgot how much I love these!)

e.l.f. pressed mineral foundation in light (I love this, it blurs pores like loose mineral foundations do).

e.l.f. studio tone correcting powder in cool

e.l.f. lengthening & defining mascara (I was going to use Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara but I'll be damned if one month into using it the bottleneck that scrapes off the excess broke! Cheap mascara FTW!)

Hmm, that's it.  Like $35 in makeup. Would have been over $50 with the Too Faced mascara, but I don't think I'll be buying that again (sadface). Would definitely buy that e.l.f. gloss in Brett from the Snow White Beauty Book again - such a pretty pink-red!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Top Ten Vegan-Friendly Brands (and Favorite Products!) - Summer 2014 Edition

Hey guys! I still read your blogs and I'm not dead, I've just basically quit blogging.  Having a little one is not something I want to miss a second of <3
That said, I have been wanting to share my favorite go-to products because I just haven't been sated lately without my blogging outlet.

Beauty Vigilante's Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Brands (in alphabetical order, not order of preference):

1) Acure Organics

I mentioned them a year or so ago, after I'd heard about them from PinksoFoxy on youtube.  They have amazing response time with their e-mail (or they did; I haven't had to contact them since I initially reached out a year ago).  Most of their products are vegan, and they are WONDERFUL and affordable!  I have only tried a few things of theirs but they are my staples now.

BV recommends: Argan Oil, Brightening Facial Scrub (reminds me of Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate but without the chemical exfoliation aspect), and Facial Cleansing Gel (smells like delicious lemon candy!).

2) Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC)

Admittedly I haven't tried much of their makeup because it is really pricey, but I am a fan of their (reasonably-priced) hair-care products (specifically, their shampoos and conditioners).

BV recommends: Rosemary, Mint, and Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner (helps with scalp irritation and smells nice, if you like rosemary as I do).

3) Crazy Rumors

Delicious and adorable lip balms that are 100% vegan but work excellently!

BV recommends: Red Velvet, because I'm a cocoa butter nutter.

4) e.l.f.

Everything but their essential line brushes are vegan. I think the internet extolls this company's value enough, so I think I needn't explain.

BV recommends: New this year moisturizing lipstick line (my new favorites... I even prefer them to my Too Faced La Cremes!

5) Kiss My Face

BV recommends: I love their fragrance-free moisture shave and Face Factor SPF 30 is my daily moisturizer/sunscreen that doesn't break me out.  Of course, these two favorites are vegan but check their thorough website if you want to check the veganity of any particular product.

6) Pacifica

100% Vegan!  Adorable packaging, reasonable prices, all-around great products = love.  Their cosmetics are nice, although a little sheer - fair warning.

BV recommends: I love the Tuscan Blood Orange scent in their new hand cream formula.

7) Real Purity

Honestly I've only tried their lipstick samples, but they shipped out fast and I really like that they are lead-free and fragrance-free.

BV recommends: I'm in love with Lavender Rose, Pink Parfait, and Rose lipsticks.  Just FYI, the Rose lipstick is an almost-dupe of Too Faced Bon Bon lipstick.  It pulls pinker but it's a lot cheaper and I think it's also more flattering.

8) Red Apple Lipstick

I've also only tried their lipstick samples, but their website is AWESOME and their founder answers e-mails!  They are sadly a bit too pricey, but they will be a welcome splurge when I'm looking to buy pregnancy-safe lipsticks.  Their products are all free of any allergens, too, which is awesome :)

BV recommends: I fell for the lipstick shades Hibiskiss, Mix & Mingle, and New York

9) Too Faced

Adorable packing, top-notch quality, handy vegan product list... this brand is definitely my go-to high end indulgence!  I am such a Jerrod Blandino fangirl ^.^

BV recommends: BB Cream, Absolutely Flawless Concealer, La Creme Color Drenched Lip Cream, Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush, Exotic Intense Eyeshadow in Enchanted Garden (works amazingly well in my brows and as liner), Better Than Sex Mascara. Honestly, I recommend the non-Vegan products, too! I gift them to my sister all the time :)

10) Wet'n'Wild

They also have a vegan list and are so easy to come by in the U.S.  Pricing is fab, and the quality of many of the products definitely exceeds the price point.

BV recommends: Color Icon eyeshadow trios in Don't Steal My Thunder and Walking on Eggshells (must-haves!), CoverAll Cream Foundation (one of the best foundations I've ever tried, including compared to Chanel and Armani), MegaLast lipstick in Smokin' Hot Pink 905D (doubles as a gorgeous blush... which appeals to my minimalist side).

I hope you found this post useful!
As a little life update, I moved house and it has been so stressful and exciting.  I adore my new digs and my little girl is loving the extra space to play in.  Life is so good and busy so I don't expect to return to blogging, but of course I still will continue to read blogs and comment so don't be a stranger ;-)

Sarah S.