Thursday, October 31, 2013

Angry Pixie

Happy Halloween, lovelies! 
Sometimes Halloween makeup is minimal.  We went the non-scary route this year, and I've got a no-makeup look so I can pass as more child-like.
I did, however, wear primer (elf Mineral Primer), foundation (wet'n'wild CoverAll Cream in 816), concealer (Too Faced Absolutely Flawless Concealer in Perfect Nude), blush (Sleek Pixie Pink), and mascara (Flower Lash Knockout).

You know you've got a good husband when he's willing to dress up as Peter Pan so you can be Wendy with your baby as Tinkerbell.

Evy really got into character ^.^

gif from

She's just mad she can't eat any candy yet ^.^

Monday, October 21, 2013

And the Pixie is Back

Not having the best hair and skin day, but I keep it real on this blog (har har...).
Husband said he counted like 7 gray hairs in my bangs alone 0_0
Lots of gals try out the pixie cut once in their life, and after the agonizing experience of growing it out, vow "Never again!"  I'm sort of the opposite.  I keep trying to grow my hair out and then I loathe the feeling of hair on my ears and neck... eventually on my shoulders... I just feel more like myself with this unconventional hair cut.  Who knows - maybe it'll wind up dyed red again, too!

Style Concept (Inspired by Into Mind)

Long time no blog!  Missed you all <3
I'm always finding myself inspired by Anuschka Rees via her minimalist style and beauty blog Into Mind.  She has that elusive "chic simplicity" I strive for down pat, and wonderful tips on how to streamline your own style.  Her recent post, the anatomy of a seasonal style concept got me giddy to define my own style of late.  I used her template and put this together:

F.Y.I. I also re-chopped my hair into a pixie!  I must admit to myself I am just not a hair person.

Do check out Anuschka's amazing blog - the design of the blog itself is simply divine!