Monday, October 21, 2013

Style Concept (Inspired by Into Mind)

Long time no blog!  Missed you all <3
I'm always finding myself inspired by Anuschka Rees via her minimalist style and beauty blog Into Mind.  She has that elusive "chic simplicity" I strive for down pat, and wonderful tips on how to streamline your own style.  Her recent post, the anatomy of a seasonal style concept got me giddy to define my own style of late.  I used her template and put this together:

F.Y.I. I also re-chopped my hair into a pixie!  I must admit to myself I am just not a hair person.

Do check out Anuschka's amazing blog - the design of the blog itself is simply divine!


  1. This looks like a great idea! I love that it pairs pieces together for you.

    Also, I'm betting your hair looks awesome- I only wish I could pull off a short cut. :)

  2. Well, sort of... actually I just put everything in manually using paint!
    I don't know if I pull off the short cut... but it feels more "me" even if it's not what everyone says looks best on me :)


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