Monday, July 15, 2013

FOTD and My Current Edit

Hi lovelies!  Long time no see, but such is life, sometimes.  You understand... I've been catering to this diva's every whim ;-)

Her bib says "It's all about ME!" and she appears to be ennumerating her demands with her fingers, no?  :-D And yes, friends, those are legwarmers <3

On my hubby's birthday we went out for sushi, and I actually managed to put on some makeup:

Finding decent light and covering a bad skin year day are entirely another issue, but I tried!
Growing out a pixie cut is also brutal.  I might cave and chop it all off again soon...
Anyway here's the deets: 
Boscia Vital Antioxidant Moisturizer SPF30, OCC Skin:Primer, Wet n Wild CoverAll Cream Foundation in 816 Fair/Light (this stuff is AWESOME guys, and only $4!  Didn't need powder), Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full-Coverage Foundation in Light worn as concealer (daylight is harsh, so I wanted to keep my coverage lighter than concealer allows), Too Faced Ultra-Flush Blush in Cocoa Rose
And let me just say my skin is REALLYREALLY bad right now, so this combo covered the redness, not the texture. I'm telling you, the redness is ALLOVER, you guys.  I'm seriously considering trying the regimen... anybody tried it? It's vegan :-D
Tarte Amazonian Clay Brow Mousse in Taupe, Lime Crime Eye Primer (still vegan? The packaging says yes, but their website doesn't make the claim anymore), Pacifica Mystical Supernatural Eye Palette (so pigmented and smooth, my favorite eyeshadow brand of the year), Wet n Wild Fergie Turn up the Volume Mascara (website says it's vegan, but packaging lists beeswax -not synthetic beeswax- as an ingredient)
Nothing. At least my lips don't suck right now :-P
Also, you may be shocked by this next photo:
This is my current makeup collection edit (not pictured: the two foundations mentioned above, six Butter London Lippies, three Too Faced La Creme Lip Creams, and a few Glassy Gloss Lip Gels and Megalast Lipsticks from Wet n Wild).  Don't worry, I didn't chuck out all the rest; a lot of it is in my two Muji 5-drawers in a closet or at the office in my desk.  I did shove off a lot to my sister, though.  I've been scaling back and trying to keep only my favorite things, because I just wasn't liking how my massive makeup collection was haunting me at my vanity.  Every time I'd pass by it would snicker and scold me for my hoarding and neglecting and my wallet would weep at the waste.  This edit looks fun and functional, while also being manageable.  I really feel I can do most of the everyday looks I sport, plus several of the fun looks I usually gravitate towards (yeah, there are two red eyeshadows there).
That's all my nail polish now, too D: Gasp! (ok, I have a few bottles at the manicurist's).
If you want me to identify any of the bits, let me know in comments below... also, tell me how your makeup collection edit is going right now?
Sarah S.


  1. You look gorgeous Sarah! And I actually really love your makeup collection now. I have so much that I've bought & then neglected to use. Even if I only kept 'essentials' I'd still have a LOT, but I do have a few things I've bought & then gave away because I just don't use them.

    xoxo aly

    1. Aw, hugs, you're so nice :) I'm sure my "essentials" list is a lot longer than the average gal's, but pretty short for a beauty blogger!

  2. You wrote a post!!!! :) Love your brows here, I haven't tried the Tarte mousse yet, but I do use the Clay pencil. I love that my brows stay on with it! And your hair is getting so long! Maybe check out some of Victoria Beckham's in-between cuts when she went from pixie to longer. If you have the itch to cut, maybe a new shape would be just enough to keep you from chopping *all* of it off!

    1. Thanks, Alison :) I use the clay pencil, too (I prefer it to the mousse, and the price is better). I did get my hair cut, mostly in the back because it was turning into a mullet, LOL. I'm just remembering now how unmanageable my hair is...

  3. Hi Sarah, nice to talk to you again! I can't remember the last time I put makeup on since I haven't touched any makeup since what, 2 months? And even since I am back in Montreal, I don't even bother... I guess I just lost the habit?

    I love your hair, it looks so carefree! And what a cute little princess, awwwwwww!

    I also try to keep a few of my favorite makeup items in the main drawer of my vanity since I hate when unused products are overflowing in my face - it drives me crazy!

    Hope you are well x

    1. Hi Gaby, thanks! As for my hair, this was an experiment in blow-drying for volume... husband said I looked a little mad-scientist-y... LOL! I usually air-dry (which is more truly carefree) and it's a little more tame ;) I hope you'll still beauty blog and play with makeup if you feel like it :)

  4. OMG she is freaking adorable. I think her and Logan would make an adorable couple ;-) just saying

    1. Haha, thanks! Blogspot needs a "Like" button :D

  5. hi Sarah!
    i'm so late to see this post but i just wanted to say you both look gorgeous!
    how adorable ;)

  6. Awww, what a cute little lady!! :)

  7. I'm loving your makeup collection and you're gorgeous &&& you're daughter as well. Glad to see you are doing well!


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