Monday, September 12, 2011

Have you ever had a review rejected?

I'm kind of offended; I reviewed the Stila Travel Girl Beach Palette in Wonderful in Waikiki on Stila's website but my review was rejected.  It was a positive review so I'm not sure why it was rejected, and I don't remember exactly what I wrote but I don't believe I included anything in poor taste.  I think I might have linked to my blog picture and that might be why.  Still, it kind of rubs me the wrong way.  I'm not really feeling like a "Stila Icon" at the moment.
Have you ever had a site reject your review?  I hear this is rampant on some e-retailers...


  1. Hmmm.... how strange! I rarely review products on the company's website unless they asked me too do so if the product ws provided to me for review, but I don't understand why they would reject a positive review? I remember writing a very negative review about YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara on Apothica's website and it's still there!

    Even if you linked it to your blog, I don't get what's the matter... I guess you could have asked them?

  2. I know, it's so unusual! I think Stila must have strict review policies. The link in their rejection e-mail to explanation of terms didn't work so unless I contact them directly I won't find out... but I wasn't doing myself any favors in reviewing it so I won't be bothering.

  3. This makes me think a lot less of Stila. They should accept all reviews positive or not. Especially since yours was positive, it's really baffling that they rejected it. Oh well, it's their loss!

  4. Hi Penelope, their website leaves a lot to be desired. I am truly a fan of their products, but they ought to fix their technical issues or perhaps be more blogger-friendly. It IS their loss!

  5. I've never actually reviewed products so I'm not sure about the procedure, but I agree with Gaby and Penelope that it seems strange given that it was positive. Companies sometimes do not think clearly about the negative marketing that something as small as this can cause. I also think less of the company now.

    Something kind of similar happened to me with the Organic Pharmacy here in London. I bought a cream from them which gave me a horrible rash and they wouldnt give me my money back or exchange for another product. I had to literally threaten them to blog about them to receive an exchange... Needless to say I've never gone back there again (and neither have any of my friends)

  6. Paola, that's terrible! If they want to keep customers they need to be willing to work with them and have the image of being eager to please. Snobby superiority is a brand-killer! In Stila's defense, they have one of the best loyalty programs out there. Still, if they truly want to integrate a user-ratings system on their site they ought to drop the whole "You've been rejected" angle!


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