Friday, September 30, 2011

September 2011 Favorites

Wow, that was a quick month. I had to cut down massively on my spending (because I got a new car!), but I still managed to add new favorites to the lineup:

The olive ("Browbone") shade from Wet n Wild LE Earth Looks Small From Down Here Trio ($2.99):
This is just incredibly gorgeous. I love to do a gradient greens eye with it, and this has a duo-chromey, antiqued gold look to it so if I am in a rush but still want my eyes to pop I can just swipe this across my lid by itself.  It's perfect.

Jill Stuart Mix Blush in Romantic Poppy ($65):
Hard to get, but other shades are available from  These are in beautiful packaging and come with a great brush.  Each shade in the blush quad can be worn alone, and when swirled together it has this dimension I cannot compare to any single blush I own.  It is almost a 3D effect.  It's so soft and blends out so well, you can get a full-on pigmentation look like NARS or a whisper if you prefer.  These are so pricey but I'm contemplating collecting every one that comes out... if I win the lottery... sigh.  I've been wearing this more than my beloved Illamasqua Lover this month!

Clinique Black Honey Brush-On Cream Liner ($15):
I wasn't really feeling the limited edition blush or eye quad, but I picked up the lip duo and this cream liner.  It looks more interesting than my usual black or dark brown, while still being neutral.  I think the bit of red in it makes my eye color skew more green.  When I've done a linerless look and find myself thinking I need more definition, this is what I've been reaching for all September. It just screams Autumn, doesn't it?  The brush it comes with is kinda meh but does the job in a pinch.

Mac Zoom Lash Mascara in Zoomblack ($15):
This just works for me; it volumizes, lengthens, separates, and defines with true, deep blackness.  The price isn't bad at all, but I've been using various samples of it that I have around.  I've bought it in the past because I heard it is vegan, but I can't confirm that is still true. I have several mascaras in rotation at the moment (more than I ought to!), but this is the one I reach for when I just want a mascara I can rely on!

Dior Aurora (LE, Sold Out):
I can't even remember how much it cost.  I was boycotting Dior, like NARS, earlier this year because I have issues with the fingerprint-magnet packaging and excessively high prices.  I eventually caved on both of those boycotts, and this is what made me cave on Dior.  It was being raved all over the blogosphere, and when I got it back in June I didn't touch it for a few months because it was so pretty in its compact.  Well, I caved to that temptation, too!  This is what I've been reaching for when I don't want to put on anything besides mineral foundation.  At that point, I look too washed-out, and this is a perfect combo of a natural bronzer and peachy blush to send the pallor packing.  It's near impossible to over-do and requires no finesse; easy, goof-proof makeup at its finest.  This ought to be permanent.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple ($20 for 8 oz.):
I received a free bottle of this with a purchase during a promo at Ulta back in May or June, and eventually got around to using it on a regular basis this month. I've had samples of it before and was unimpressed - I tend to like a good lather with a facial cleanser.  I do have to use the CVS makeup remover wipes beforehand.  Still, with use over an extended period its gentle cleansing is growing on me despite my dislike for rose scents.  My face feels really clean but not at all irritated, tight or dry after I use it.  If my skin clears up a bit more I may attribute it to this cleanser rather than the cooler temperatures of Fall, but the verdict is still out.

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette ($52):
I think this was obvious; how many FOTD/EOTD have I done with this palette this month? The packaging is pretty and fun, the cheek products in the drawer alone justify its purchase.  Full review is here, but since writing the review I've figured out how to work with its few shortcomings and we're running away together ;-)

No lippies in the favorites this month;  Honestly, I was a lippie ho and love them all. Maybe next month!


  1. I want to try the Wet n Wild shade, and the Purity made is amazing.

  2. I love you Sept. favorites from your too faced to you Jill Stuart blush. Thanks for posting up the prices of the products, not that many bloggers does that and I'll be curious how much they purchased it. lol That's pretty expensive for the Jill Stuart purchased. You should purchased on this website instead, its a bit cheaper. Shipping its probably around $5.00 but still 5 dollar cheaper right? I hope this helps. =)

  3. Waaah I want Aurora so badly, so annoyed at myself for not buying it, it looks beautiful!!! xxx

  4. I hope I can find a dupe, Nicola!

  5. I love love love that brush. so feminine and soft!

    ♥ anya and baby kenzi

  6. Hi Anya, it's retractable and has a cover, too!

  7. Good choices!

  8. The Dior Aurora *drooool* =O it looks amazing. And gosh the Jill Stuart blush is beautiful. My friend uses it, doubt it'd match my skintone though!

  9. Hi Miu! They have quite a range of the Jill Stuart blush colors. I've used just 1,2, or 3 of the quadrants at a time before, so you don't even have to swirl them together. The brush is small enough. It's completely awesome except for the price :)

  10. ooooh Jill Stuart Mix Blush!! I have one of the Jill Sturart blush in coral/pink! wish i bought something more to the only coral side lol and i put that brush in my Travel makeup bag :) i guess *Purse* Dior Aurora looks so pretty ><

  11. I'm so glad it's staying pretty in spite of lots of use!


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