Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sleek Haul Part 2: i-Divine Original, Storm, and Sunset Palettes plus a bonus EOTD

Sleek i-Divine Original Eye Shadow Palette, Storm Palette, Sunset Palette
As promised, here are the swatches of the remaining three palettes from my huge Sleek Makeup haul.  For the record, the husband was like WTF that's a lot of makeup at once... I know, I know!  But, with colors this sumptuous, I don't regret it a bit! This is playing with makeup at its best.
To my knowledge these three palettes' shades don't have individual names (the clear plastic inserts were blank).  That makes it a little harder to use these for EOTD, no?
Original Palette. The only matte shade is the black and it needs to be layered a lot, creating potential mess.

Storm Palette. My second favorite of the haul (#1 is the Monaco Palette). It has three matte shades: the light brown, third from the top left, and the darker brown and black which are the bottom two from the right.

Sunset Palette.  Again, the black is the only matte shade but this one seems improved from the Original Palette (could be a fluke).
I did an EOTD using the Storm Palette because it is gorgeous and versatile. I originally intended to do something like I'd wear on a daily basis but it quickly became a smoky defined crease because I couldn't resist amping it up.
With a slanted liner brush, I applied the dark forest green to my entire top lashline and 1/3 of the bottom outside lashline.

The light matte brown is across my entire lid, with a layered crease: first, I put the darker matte brown in the crease and outer v, followed by the shimmery dark brown. Lastly I lightly darkened it using the metallic gunmetal shade.  The inner crease was looking neglected so I used the shimmery light brown (about the same as the matte light brown) to define it and draw in some light.

The lightest shimmer shade was used as inner corner and browbone highlight. This made me remember how much I dislike shimmery browbone highlight and I wish the palette had a lighter matte color with which to highlight the browbone.

Top lashes curled and coated with Makeup Forever Smoky Lash mascara.  Bottom lashes coated with Clinique Bottom Lash mascara.

I only used two brushes: Ecotools liner brush $6, and E.L.F. Studio Contour Brush $3.  I also swatched using the E.L.F. brush, and a big thanks to Steph for informing the beauty community about this great bargain synthetic brush!

All swatches and this EOTD were over Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

I also tried to cover up my currently hideous dark circles using Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer 001. Mostly success ;)

If anybody can suggest a brow tamer that doesn't feel like sticky wax or jizzy mascara, please let me know because as you can see, my brows need to be wrangled!
Thanks for stopping by and please have a relaxing Sunday!


  1. I still can't decide which one is my favorite between the Original and the Storm palette. Great EOTD!

  2. Thanks, Gaby! Storm has more neutrals and feels more Fall-ready, but Original has lots of color and shimmer. If you've got the UD Naked Palette or something like it, Original might better round out your collection, imho :)

  3. Wow, all the shadows are so pigmented! I love your nude and charcoal eotd.

  4. Thanks Dovey :) It's something I'd actually wear in public.


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