Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sephora Color Flip Palette $7: You need this!

I bought the Sephora Color Flip Palette when I needed a $7 item to get free shipping (so, totally on a whim). I had gotten a BCA Palette made by Sephora last year and it wasn't bad, though the eyeshadows weren't very smooth or pigmented (kind of hard, actually) and the blushes were too pigmented (easy to get clown cheeks, difficult to blend and tone down).  However, I am SO glad I got this and I'm considering taking ONLY this for color cosmetics on a weekend getaway I'll soon be taking (Las Vegas!).
Sorry I don't have swatches yet, but the blush and bronzer are fool-proof, blendable and buildable with a shimmer subtle enough that you can use the bronzer to contour.  The lippies are nicely pigmented but sheer enough that you can apply them with your finger.  The eyeshadows were the most pleasant surprise; nicely pigmented and smooth even when I applied them with a dome brush (kept my fingers off, because finger oils can mislead a swatcher into thinking a powder is more pigmented than it is).  I can make a natural, taupey gradient eye, a quick hit of color like the bright purple, or do the turquoise and teal combo.  Plus, this is smaller than the BCA palette I got last year and even better for travel!  It's like half the size of my DroidX.  It's smaller than a credit card though much, much thicker (each layer is like a full credit-card-sized palette, and there are three plus a mirror). 
Trust me, this is a wicked steal at $7 so I recommend you get this before it's gone for a last hurrah of summer! Comment below if you want to see swatches or a scale photo.

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