Monday, August 1, 2011

Kat Von D Mini-Haul plus swatches, first impressions, and Stila Koi

Good evening!  My latest Sephora mini-haul arrived and I was pretty excited to swatch it because it is Kat Von D True Romance eyeshadow palettes.  If you've ever touched one of these you know that they are really soft, smooth, pigmented, and well thought-out in terms of color combos.  Sephora has these two palettes (Metal Orchestra and Angeles) on sale at the moment for $10 off, so I had to collect 'em! I also own Truth (which I snagged for $15 on sale, but I think they are sold out) and True Love (also on sale for $10 off, but I think I got it full-price... booooo). Photographic swatchery hijincks to ensue.
Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lipgloss (freebie with code) in Midnight Cowboy, Stila Smudgestick Waterproof Eyeliner in Koi ($5 on sale, but might be out of stock now), Kat Von D True Romance Eye Shadow Palettes in Angeles (top) and Metal Orchestra (bottom), $24 each on sale

Wrapped up like pretty presents!

Like Heaven and You-Know-Where

These were all creamy-smooth and pigmented, except for techno and razor gray. However, these were easily buildable so all's forgiven!

 Every last shadow in the Angeles palette was perfectly buttery-smooth. My pictures don't do these colors justice at all : /

UD Lip Junkie in Midnight Cowboy has a lot of silver micro-shimmer, but overall just looks like a really sheer, reflective gloss that's barely there. It's minty-vanilla like all of them, and I like it.  But the color isn't worth a purchase for me.

Stile Smudgestick in Koi. Wow, look at that.  If it wasn't looking a little like a disease, I think I'd be in love!

See how smoothly that Stila liner writes?  My skin isn't gross, that's the UD Junkie gloss swatched below :P

I swatched some other teals that are popular this year just for a fun comparison:

Left to right (all MAC): Shimmermoss, Surf USA, and Jealousy Wakes (ok, that's not teal but I was curious)

Are ya drooling yet?

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