Wednesday, August 3, 2011

REVEW: Cha Cha Tint by Benefit didn't make me dance

Full disclosure: I do not like Benetint, nor do I like Posietint. Can somebody please tell me why these quick-setting cheek and lip stains are so popular?  They stain my fingers (only the first offense and, like all the crimes these tints commit, it's a lot of little annoying problems that add up to dissatisfaction for me).  The fact that you have to apply many coats to get them to show up is the answer to their superglue-like quick-drying effect, but I think it's a lame answer.  Anyhow, I purchased them all with my own money over the years, and I had hopes for Cha Cha Tint to be a little improved, as the buzz around the internet makeup community suggested. Unfortunately for me, I didn't really see any improvement over the other tints' issues.

Regular brushstroke, dabbed and blended
Can you see the darker stain spot in the center of the blended swatch?  That's what happened to my cheeks.  Fortunately I was able to blend it up a bit with another application, but what's with the instant staining of a product you MUST blend out?  This was even worse on my lips, which wound up a lovely but BLOTCHY coral color.  While the blotchy staining lasted hours on my cheeks, it still managed to wear off my lips after a scone and coffee, to my surprise.  I had such high hopes for this because I am a coral lover, but these Benefit stains are just not user-friendly enough for me.  

I don't want to totally hate on this because obviously people love these tints, so here are the positives and negatives:
Positives: lovely color, long-lasting on even oily skin, did not sink into or emphasize pores with proper base makeup underneath
Negatives: tricky to blend quickly enough, doesn't stick around on lips through meals snacks, brings out natural ruddiness and blemishes

Sadly, this ends up in the Nonono Box-of-Shame with my Benetint and Posietint.

For the record, though, I LOVE Benefit Girl Meets Pearl and all their boxed powders, so please don't think I'm hating on the brand.
Any tips to make these stains work would be greatly appreciated!
Benefit Tints: Add a nice flush if you live in a blurry and poorly lit dimension!

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  1. Hey sarah- great review. To answer your question I'm an NC25-NC30 in mac.


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