Friday, August 19, 2011

Review/Preview: OPI Axxium Gel Lacquer in Brisbane Bronze

Happy Friday! Yesterday after work I went with my sisters to get our monthly pedis, and decided it was about time I tried that new-ish long-wearing gel nail lacquer by OPI (on my fingers, not toes).  I think there are other brands available elsewhere but my salon carries OPI Axxium.  I wanted a metallic color that wouldn't look particularly Fall-ish or Summery, and I'm really into mixing metals (as in jewelry) lately.  My toes are silver, but the Axxium color I settled upon is Brisbane Bronze, a kind of bronze-rose-gold-copper-penny-shimmer. It's sooo pretty!

My nails are hella short and weak right now because they've been breaking a lot lately, so I got a regular manicure beforehand.  My nail guy painted on a couple of clear base coats that had to be set under the UV light between each coat, then he applied a couple coats of the gooey-looking lacquer color.  Each layer required a short time under the UV appliance.  A couple of special top coats later and he told me I could probably go pick a fight with my sister and the nails wouldn't smudge (ha ha).  It cost $25 at my usual place but I've heard it go for more or less.  It should last 2-3 weeks but I might wind up soaking it off with acetone at home beforehand, because I'm fickle about my nail color.
I'll update you guys later as to how long it lasts, but I can attest to its pretty glossiness at this time.
Have a great (non-chipped manicure) weekend!


  1. i need to try gel polish mine is always chipping xxxxx

  2. Wow, the colour is really pretty. Great choice! Looking forward to hearing how long your gel manicure lasts!

  3. Thanks Penelope! Word in the blogosphere is the longevity depends in part on the skill of your technician.

  4. Hi Kirstyb, I'm at 7 days with minor tip wear! Actually it's a barely-noticable chip on the tip of one nail that has been there since Saturday, so I think I dinged it somehow. I'm pretty impressed so far!


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