Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review/Final Thoughts: OPI Axxium Gel Lacquer in Brisbane Bronze Update

Here we are on day 13 of my OPI Axxium Gel manicure (pictured above). At this point I am finally tempted to remove it via soaking. From far away, though, it's not looking too horrible.  What looks like raggedy cuticles is actually the polish really starting to peel itself up (after three swimming sessions, extra showers, doing dishes and laundry, and extreme climate changes).
Here's a quick rundown of its life:
7pm August 18th: Brisbane Bronze Axxium and topcoat applied.
August 19th, afternoon: Photo taken and blog rave posted.
August 20th: After a dry flight and a late (admittedly drunken) night, the hubs and I went to the pool and hot tub at our resort.  At this time I must have dinged the tip of my left middle finger. You can barely see that tip damage in the photo above.  This is the only tip wear I saw until Monday, August 29th.
August 27th: I've noticed the cuticle area looking ragged, but it's not my cuticles; it's the gel polish peeling up. You can see in the photo above it's gotten more extreme, to the point I am tempted to start picking it off (but I will try to refrain as this can damage the nail).
August 29th: First thing in the morning I notice a chip on my left pointer finger.  No other chips to report.  I miss my ring finger accent and paint over the peely polish with a CVS brand glitter polish (called Tasmanian Devil and it's fab!).
August 30th: Day of this update.  Aesthetically this is the point I consider my Gel manicure's day of death (though I'll probably try to wait for my manicurist to soak it off rather than attempt it myself, if I can resist. I really don't want to damage my nails!). No additonal chips, just kind of icky-looking peeling.

Final Verdict: The reason I got this Gel manicure in the first place is I didn't want to deal with tip wear, peeling, or chipping during my four-day getaway to Las Vegas. Except the oddball, hardly visible damage to my left middle fingertip, I am really pleased with the durability of this Gel Lacquer.  I tend to have peely nails so I'm not really surprised it didn't quite last 2 weeks (let alone 3, though I know it is possible on others).  If you'd like a cheaper option (at my nail salon it was a $25 manicure, plus $5 tip, so $30 total), I'd go with the Sally Hansen Polish Strips ($8.99 at my Target) as these tend to last a full 7 days on me with minimal signs of wear.  A little less durable, but for 1/3 the price or less if on sale.  I'm either going to get this Gel Lacquer again if time permits over Xmas break when we visit family for a couple of weeks, or do the Sally Hansen strips.


  1. As I am obsessed make up addict as well as OPI nail polish addict I believe that I am in the right place!
    You have a new follower!
    Looking forward to your posts!!


  2. Thanks, Tamara! I had a look at your blog, too, and you are so gorgeous!


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