Friday, August 26, 2011

theBalm SCORE! Holiday 2011 the Balm and the Beautiful, Meet Matt(e) Palette, and Mary Lou Manizer/ Betty Lou Manizer Duo

Seriously, check your local TJ Maxx to see if you can find these! It is totally worth it even if they don't have all of them!
Retail vs. TJ Maxx Score:
Mary & Betty Lou Manizer Duo (been lemming Mary since I saw it on Jess): $48 retail worth for $19.99
Meet Matt(e) Palette (was going to skip because I have the Too Faced Matte Eye palette, $36): $34.50 retail worth for $16.99
The Balm and the Beautiful Palette (supposedly for Holiday 2011! Exact shades as the 1000 limited-edition run of the Muppets Cast Your Shadow Palette): $44.50 retail worth for $19.99

These are a MAJOR steal if you can find them at your TJ Maxx. Sadly, they were the last/only ones at mine. I can't even believe my luck! I was dying for that Muppet Palette (the swatches are amazing at


  1. Great bargains! I really want to try their pressed powder!

  2. I'm so excited to try them :) Their pigmentation looks so great on other blogs!

  3. Ahh lucky you! ;) I only found the Meet Matte palette and skincare at mine, but I'm definitely going to check back next week in hopes that they'll restock. This is so cool that they're at TJ Maxx!

  4. WOW, you hit the JACKPOT at your TJ Maxx!! I was on the prowl this past weekend - I saw all of the skincare line, Meet Matte, blushes, the Overshadows, and a few other things - but I didn't see the powder highlighters or Cast Your Shadow palette! Awesome finds! I didn't buy anything, if you can believe it (I already had Meet Matte, which I paid $30 for!! :P), but I definitely hauled some Philosophy shower gels and lotions. >_< I have an addiction!

  5. I just realized I wrote "Cast Your Shadow" but meant The Balm and the Beautiful - oops!

  6. Hey Steph, I hope they restock! There wasn't any of the skincare line at my TJ Maxx.

    Hi Jess, I have that Philosophy addiction, too :) I got the funnel cake and circus sets so I'm trying to be good and wait a couple of months for the candy corn one... but I'll probably cave!

  7. Loove TJ Maxx :) but it's always a hit or miss. Sometimes they have a bunch of amazing products, other times they don't have anything.

    How do you wear the manizer bronzer? I absolutely love this color, but I'm stumped as to how I can wear it. It's dark, but soo shimmery that in the right light it looks like a highlighter.. but it's too dark to actually use as a highlighter.

    1. Totally agree. Sometimes they have nice makeup but a bunch of people touched it :( I haven't used it yet but if a product is too dark for me I'll use a stippling brush usually :)


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