Wednesday, August 17, 2011

REVIEW: Nuance Salma Hayek Tinted Moisturizer and Mineral Foundation offer only a subtle difference

I really wanted to like Nuance Salma Hayek Flawless Wear Tinted Moisturizer and Flawless Coverage Mineral Foundation.  I can certainly list several things I like about them:
-Fragrance-free (they have a faint hint of a clay-like odor, but it's not a good or bad thing)
-Easy to blend and quick to absorb
-Slightly buildable color without caking

However, unfortunately I can also list a lot of things I don't particularly like:
-The packaging feels cheap (like E.L.F., but that's roughly $3 per product and Nuance Salma Hayek Tinted Moisturizer and Mineral Powder Foundation are about $14 each! Revlon is that range and the packaging is nicer.  The compact has no mirror and no applicator, also making it feel cheaper)
-Minimal coverage, if any
-Seems to emphasize the appearance of my acne scarring and pores slightly
-No SPF in either product (I've decided this is a negative because with so little coverage, I have no fear of flashback in pictures anyway)
-Not weightless (i.e. I can feel it on my skin despite it not appearing heavy)

I applied the tinted moisturizer with my fingers.  It didn't really seem to even my skin tone out until I put on a few layers of product.  I think I could go through this little tube rather quickly due to this fact.  What's worse is it didn't even feel moisturizing. I have oily skin, and applied a light Lancome brightener prior to applying the Nuance tinted moisturizer, but it still didn't give me that feeling of moisture when I put it on.  It does, as mentioned on its packaging, have sort of a gel-like feeling though it has a lotion consistency.  While I liked that it didn't feel as though it would contribute to the greasies, it just didn't feel like it was moisturizing either.  If I'm going to feel a product on my skin all day, I want to at least feel like it is moisturizing/protecting/covering, and I don't feel like this tinted moisturizer did any of these things. It was just sort of there.  In summation, MEH.

I will allow that this might be great for a teenage girl with shiny skin but zero spots/acne, flakies or discoloration/visible pores, who never goes out in the sun or only puts on makeup at night. I actually had a lot of girl friends in high school that would fit that description (how they could be oily but not get spots is beyond me!).  This is definitely not for my full-grown self.  Most adult women have skin like mine, or clear but too dry for this tinted moisturizer to be enough.

As for the Mineral "Foundation," I think it's more of a just-okay matte face powder.  It has no flattering, imperfection-blurring sheen, and I don't feel like it even covered areas of redness that the tinted moisturizer failed to cover.  I tried application with a cosmetic sponge but felt it was too sheer (though the box states that it's the method for full opacity), so I busted out my Ecotools bamboo bronzer brush because it always applies powders thickly on me.  The powder did buff on easily with the brush without becoming cakey, but I still feel like the coverage was nada!  It seemed to leave a mattifying layer behind that was entirely see-through.  Not bad if you don't have discoloration spots, post-acne marks, active zits, or dark circles to cover, but this "opaque foundation" didn't hide any of it.  At best, it mattified and improved the skintone-evening of the tinted moisturizer I applied before it.  I also picked some up with a concealer brush and dabbed it on my spots with the same results. It was kind of weird to see so much product on the brush, and then see it was just transparent on the spots themselves.  To my dismay, when I took my photos I realized the powder is kind of bringing out the peach fuzz on my cheeks and sitting in my pores (which is so weird because it is nicely matte but it's making them more visible somehow!).  If I had any deeper wrinkles, I'm afraid this powder would emphasize them.  I guess by "flawless coverage" they mean it will work fine on skin that's already flawless (hmph!).
Maybe it's needless to say, but these just aren't covering enough for me.  If your skin is perfect but you just want a polished, made-up finish/shine control this might work for you.  Seems completely mislabled as a foundation, though! 
I just about never return makeup but I think these are going back. "Nuance" is a fitting name, because all they offer is a subtle suggestion of pigmentation. 

I realize I'm probably making these products sound awful but I don't think they are that bad, just definitely not right for my skin's problems.  I think they'd make decent training-wheel makeup for a smooth-skinned young teen, but I was expecting something more grown-woman friendly due to the packaging motif and the fact that it's Salma Hayek's brand. 

UPDATE: At the six-hour mark my shine is showing, but I don't "feel" really greasy.  What you can see of the makeup is still on, and my pores don't look as prominent once I blot.  A quick blot helps, but overall I rate this wear-time as average - not bad but nothing to write home a blog post about.  So, as a setting powder I would also say this is skippable. I'll be returning it tomorrow!

And (alas) now, the sad picture of all my breakouts showing through. For the record, the pictures from this post featured skin that was just as broken out, but reasonably covered.
Gulp, here goes!
Believe me, I understand why lots of bloggers don't post without makeup or when they've got a bad breakout going, but I aim to show you guys honestly when something covers effectively and when it does not. I know how to use photoshop, of course, but I do not currently use it for this blog at all (just been cropping pictures, really). I hope I don't scare you off with my visible acne and that you understand why I show myself being less than glamorous.  Also, until something effectively helps my acne don't expect me to advise you on a full skincare regime (ha ha), except for anti-aging products that work or acne products that help or don't work for me.


  1. Thank you so much for your honest opinion of these two Nuance products. I found your blog from a search I did on "Nuance foundation". I was curious after seeing them in CVS. I've used other Nuance products (wild lime skin peel) and a conditioner which I liked. Since the makeup isn't exactly cheap I wanted to read a few reviews before taking the leap. Thanks again..this was helpful.

  2. You're very welcome! I haven't had a good experience with the makeup in the Nuance line, but I have heard that the skincare is nice (I haven't tried it, though).


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