Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vegas Night Out OOTD

How often do you get to wear a bright, poly-satin cocktail dress?  Well, if I want to badly enough I'll wear it for a CVS run, to be honest.  Been a while since I was that desperate to glam it up, but in Las Vegas on the Strip there are tons of girls running around in sparkly skirts up to there and platforms up to here.  I knew it would be a perfect time to bust out my $70 (half off!) bargain from Express:
Regrets: I didn't push the towels in the bathroom out of the picture.  I didn't bring the gold version of these same shoes I own to match my other accessories (Target $14 clearance last year, heh). I didn't steal this mirror from my Planet Hollywood hotel room.  Sucker shaves off 10 lbs., on my honor!

Room theme is Interview with the Vampire!

The evening purse was a Lorac "freebie" (well, it came in a set that was a steal).  The choker is JC Penney and I used a coupon so it was $7. Purple and corally Orange... can you tell I love color? Sigh <3

Husband is like, "what are you doing?"
Do you get glammed up just because you feel like it sometimes?


  1. What an exciting party dress! This reminds me I need to search for a new one soon; it's just so hard to find a great one at a great price =)

  2. I know, Dovey, a pretty one at a decent price is hard to find! Express and stores like it offer great coupons but usually I don't love what they offer... but something about this color combo just got me :)


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