Thursday, August 11, 2011

I am absolutely LOVING Orly Oh Cabana Boy!

I don't have much love for red or pink nail polish. They tend to be dupable and remind me of my grandmother (which isn't a bad thing, I just mean they seem dated or aging).  For some reason, though, I am adoring this blue-pink, almost duochromey shade by Orly.  I got the mini bottle at Ulta for $4, I think.  I ought to get the large bottle because I love this on my toes, too (and it looks really pretty with little white flowers detailed on top).  I'm a funky color nail polish kind of girl, but I am loving this!
I couldn't get a photo that does this color any real justice or captures its highlighter-pink brightness, but this photo does capture its wearability.
(Sorry there's a little tip wear because I struggled to open a compact this morning). I've seen this swatched elsewhere but I really prefer it on short nails like I currently have to avoid looking cheesy.
Oh Cabana Boy by Orly
I can't stop looking at you!


  1. baaaaahh! Love this! Kind of reminds me of shocking pink from china glaze.

    *Siiiigh*... I don't want summer (and it's delicious nail colours) to end! :(

  2. I know, I still have a bunch of juicy summer colors queued up to wear! I think I'll still pepper them in between the dark and grey :)


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