Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stila Holiday Collection Preview Swatches!

Hi guys! You can imagine how psyched I was when my Stila Holiday 2011 palettes arrived today! Here's some preview pics with a full review coming soon!

MAC Lipstick is there for scale

LOL... both palettes have Kitten!

Daydream Palette $18

I had to use the tiny eyeshadow brush for the smallest wells in both palettes, but the other wells were not too tiny :)

Dream in Full Color Palette $39

"Muse" Look!

Seven Cheek colors!
I'm so excited to give you a breakdown of each shadow's quality! Some of these are completely gorgeous!  My first reaction to these palettes? "They're dark blue? Thought they were black!" and "Those plastic dividers are gonna get messy" :-/ But I'm going to tell you right now that I'm impressed with these :D  Did I get you hyped up a little?


  1. Those are SO PRETTY, omg! I can't wait to find these in person!

  2. Lovely pics... great post... check me out, I have a new post on my blog... Give me your impression and follow my blog on blog lovin... kiss

  3. Hi L M, I do like your blog so I signed up for bloglovin' because you don't have google connect.
    Hi Steph, sorry I'm not sure when they'll be in stores but I do recommend keeping an eye out because I think they rock!

  4. Loveee this! Great colors!

  5. Hi h-squared :) I would say it's all the colors a person could need, but I need infinite colors!


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