Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blue, Monday?

Lips: Maybelline Beige Bombshell
It seems the second I wipe off one look for this blog I'm itching to do another. I realized I hadn't tried to wear the crazy blues from Kat Von D's Metal Orchestra Palette (swatched here), and since my evening plans include whipping up hummus pasta for me and DH and watching True Blood, I figure if the results are truly disastrous no one will be any the wiser (except the husband and anybody who finds these blog pictures...).  I've been buying the Bath and Body Works' Halloween scents, so maybe I'm in the mood for over-the-top Halloween makeup a little early. I know I need something to look forward to on Sunday nights... because Monday comes next!  I hope this EOTD is fun for y'all to see... I don't even mind if you poke fun!
Kat Von D Metal Orchestra Palette, Stila Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Pen, FORGOT mascara! But, remembered to dab Estee Lauder Modern Mercury Powder Gelee on my cheekbones for even more shimmer

First I dabbed the silver cream shadow (slayer) all over the lid and into the crease. I topped it with the off-white shimmer shade (first class) on my inner corner.  I put the brightest, least shimmery blue (techno) on the outer half of each lid, then layered the other two blues (thrasher and dagger) up into my crease. I was careful not to take the color too far out past the edge of my eye because I am always doing that!  I deepened the crease with a bit of the matte black shadow (lucifer).  Lastly, I packed the lighter gray (razor gray) over the shimmer cream on the inner half of my eye and lined the upper lash line thinly with my Stila Liquid Liner Pen.

Whoa, this is BLUE!

Clearly, mascara is sorely missed but I still think the effect is really Ziggy Stardust!

Ready to rock out with my black concert tee!


  1. Wow, beautiful! You do an excellent job making the crease color so defined!

  2. Aw, thanks Steph :) These blues are so bright and pigment-dense, I thought if I blended out the blue I'd look like I got punched or something!

  3. Great pictures... very nice... check me out

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