Monday, August 8, 2011


I love finding dupes even though it doesn't seem to save me any money... how's it going to, when I buy both anyway?  Just when I thought I'd never get a satisfying dupe of MAC Creme Cup, an opaque MLBPP (my lips but pale pink), I bit the bullet (not the lipstick bullet, but I digress) and decided to give Maybelline Colorsensational Lipsticks a fair shot.  I knew a lot of people liked Born With It and Pink & Proper, so I bought them BOGO 50% off.  Pink & Proper is okay, though it's a fuchsia quite similar to Cover Girl LipPerfection in Siren minus the staining effect.  I like to wear fuchsias sometimes despite that I think they're kind of unflattering on me... I'll wear purples to the same effect, but I just love color.

Sorry, digressions are my M.O. today, apparently.

I had tried one Coral Lustre a couple months ago, and didn't care for its pigmentation level and texture, so I had written Maybelline's Colorsensational Lipsticks off... but I'm glad I gave them another chance!  When I slicked on Born With It, I got super-excited - the look was definitely Creme-Cup-esque!  So pretty with a darker eye look.  I whipped out Creme Cup to compare, as well as NYX Sky Pink that I had picked up months ago because somebody had said it was a dupe of MAC Angel, which is a shimmery version of Creme Cup... phew!
Here is what I saw:
Left to right in all pics: MAC Creme Cup, Maybelline Born With It, NYX Sky Pink

Here the shimmer (slight in Born With It, heavier in Sky Pink) is apparent

This picture really shows how Born With It is slightly warmer/less blue, and Sky Pink is slightly more mauve

The textures seem the same on lips, but the tonal differences show even on my pigmented lips
Smell: MAC wins for smell, as usual, but only if you want to be tempted to eat your lipstick.  The Maybelline doesn't really have a noticable fragrance to me (huge plus!), and the NYX like all the other Round Lipsticks by NYX smells of soap.

Taste: None of these have a taste, really, except the NYX so rather than a winner we have a loser.

Texture: All of these are reasonably creamy and opaque.  NYX is the creamiest, but NYX round lipsticks are so creamy that they don't last long.  The Maybelline is a harder bullet but it feels a lot like balm on the lips and wears for longer than four hours, like the MAC.  MAC Creme Cup is a little bit dryer/chalkier than some other MAC lipsticks, so Maybelline's balm-like glide wins for Texture.

Color: As stated above, Creme cup is almost purely pale pink, Sky Pink is a tad more mauve-toned (which would be great on a cool skin-toned person), and Born With It has the most warmth.  But the tone differences aren't major and the shimmer differences don't translate the way they do in my arm swatches, either.

Price: MAC is around $15, NYX lipsticks run about $4, and the Maybelline is priced $8.49 for one at CVS in my area but you can almost always find a BOGO 50% off or better.

Winner: Maybelline Born With It has dethroned my MAC Creme Cup!  The slightly warmer tone flatters my coloring, the balm-texture and lack of taste/smell is a nice change of pace, you can buy it at nearly any drugstore, and the price isn't bad at all.  I'm surprised it was Maybelline FTW because their makeup is often hit and miss (mostly miss).  I can see why so many bloggers love Born With It!


  1. Hey there! I did a review for Maybelline's born with it, and since I didn't have side-by-side swatches compared to MAC, I directed people over here to see the swatches. I included a link and credited you, and didn't take your pictures. Is this ok with you? If not, I'll remove the link immediately. Thanks :)

  2. Yeah, that's ok. Thanks for letting me know :)


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