Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lip Combo of the Day: Barry M Peachy Pink and Jordana Dazzling

What is it about cheapie lip colors that makes me combine them with abandon?  I don't like to even put lipglass over my MAC lipsticks, but an inexpensive matte Barry M ordered on a whim from ASOS? Sure :) Plus, I layered this dirt-cheap Jordana orange gloss #10 Dazzling, Made in the USA (available at Walgreens).  This combo looks a lot like MAC's LE Ever Hip lipstick to me.
Do you feel better about playing mad scientist with lip combos when the lippies are cheap? 


  1. I was just talking to someone about this the other day --- I think "cheaper" colors look best when combined. It gives them a more complex look. However, I don't like to combine most of my lippies because I bought them specifically because of how perfect the color was!

    The Barry M is quite a pretty color, btw =)

  2. Hi Dovey, I think you're spot-on! That's why I don't combine most of mine, too. But a matte (often too drying for me) layered with an inexpensive gloss makes that more expensive-looking complexity and increases the longevity of both. These tend to be impulse buys or drugstore buys I couldn't try on.


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