Wednesday, August 10, 2011

REVIEW: NYX pump it up lip plumper

NYX pump it up lip plumper was obtained by me from Cherry Culture (about $6 each) a few weeks ago.  I got Angelina (shimmery beige), Scarlett (clear red tint), and Liv (clear).  Who wouldn't be swept up by glosses named after those famous lips?  When I recieved it I tried it on, noticed the lack of smell and taste (so far so good), waited a minute or so and...

exclaimed "Ow!" once the slow burn began, wiped it off and haven't really thought about it since.  These definitely are a nono for sensitive lips!  I don't have sensitive lips, but these bother me.  I have no problem with MAC plushglass or Buxom Lips glosses, but NYX's plump it up lip plumpers definitely provide a burning sensation. That alone would make me write these off, but do they do what they claim?

My bare lips

Liv (clear)

Scarlett (hardly... red tint)

Angelina (pale beige shimmer, the least stingy of the three)

Actually, I think they kind of do!  If you don't mind (or actually like?) a burning sensation on your lips and weak pigmentation, these might be for you. I, on the other hand, don't know what I was thinking when I bought these (hoping for a MAC Bubble Tea plushglass dupe, I suppose...).  My lips are plenty plump.  I don't think the colors are very distinct from each other, but I prefer more pigmented lip products in general.
Left to Right: Angelina, Scarlett, and Liv NYX pump it up lip plumpers.  BTW, my swatching arm started to burn just like my lips, and still tingles while I type up this review!

The burn continues after I've wiped it off... these just aren't for me, even though they work.

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