Friday, August 5, 2011

What's at my desk (Tag?) - or, Office Lady Life

Happy Friday!  I've seen lots of people do "What's in my bag" posts of varying types (travel bag, makeup bag, purse, etc.) but I don't think I've seen a "What's in my cube" post before.  If you have a cubicle in an office, I tag you!
I thought this post would be interesting and revealing because people spend a huge chunk of their time at work, and possibly fun because it reminds me of one of the miniature collections of Japanese micro-toys called "OL Life" that I bought while I lived in Japan.  They sell lots of these little collections, with mini plastic food, mini dolls, or mini tools, in little boxes for 100-800 yen, and you can collect them all. They usually come with some crappy candies as well, and little collector cards.  The "OL Life" ones I bought amused me because they included things like mini pumps, stamps and ink pads, staplers, Starbucks coffee cup, folder dividers/inboxes, makeup compacts, etc., all Barbie-sized or smaller, and all themed like "Work Day to Going Out," which included the tiny Office Lady's little evening clutch bag and glitzier shoes, for example.  Kind of reminds me of the Stila Girls.  I wish I still had these to show you, but I lost a lot of little toy things when I moved back to the US. 
So, when I took these photos I thought of my own OL Life and how cute mundane things are when they're miniature, heh.
Anyway,  I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you keep at work :)
L'oreal Le Gloss 154 Watermelon Crush (very sheer, not lasting, but smells good and has a nice sheen), MAC Ever Hip, AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream, de~luxe Rosemary Mint Hand Sanitizer, Visine for Contacts (must have, I'm at the computer all day), CVS 99-cent 100% pure cocoa butter stick (smells amazing and is dirt-cheap), Jill Stuart Compact Mirror, Hello Kitty Panda peach-mint gum case from Japan (a coworker brought me) that is now holding paperclips.

I keep this stuff in stacked plastic drawers on my desk:  Loungefly Hot Dog and Hamburger key chains, Pineapple key chain from Oahu, New York and Company points card (I actually rarely buy office attire from there, but I probably should), Sarah name plate Michigan key chain a friend gave me in middle school/junior high, sewing kit card, duct tape (far more likely to use this than the sewing kit), mini dental floss, Deborah Lippmann the Stripper to go nail polish remover from a birchbox, Hello Kitty blotting linens, BCA tweezer and nail file set, cuticle pusher, nail clippers, Japonesque BCA lash curler, stamp and ink pad, post-it pad, Wet n Wild Natural Pressed Powder, E.L.F. blush and bronzer quad, dollar "jewel" tape measure, Mini Hello Kitty Notebook,  unopened Wet n Wild Speed Gloss in 943 Reckless, unopened Maybelline One by One Volume Express Mascara in Blackest Black, and Excedrin Migraine (which YOU probably need right now after reading this massive caption).
Let me know if you like this kind of post!


  1. cute post! I may have to steal this idea from you once I finish re-aranging my room!

  2. Tag, you're it! I hope lots of people do this :)

  3. That is hilarious, I want the hotdog

  4. Thanks, it's so gray in my cube without random cute tchotchkes.


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