Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss, photos, swatches

Sometimes I am quite "clever" with my makeup hoarding justifications. Take, for example, my ordering all 12 in-stock shades of NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss from  Just one Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss from Chanel is $32, therefore I can get 7 NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipglosses at $4.25 each... but why not get at least 10 for free shipping?  And only two more colors in stock, so why not just get 'em all?
Left to Right: Beige Sparkle, Walnut Sparkle, Plum Sparkle, Gold Sparkle,
Bronze Sparkle, Ginger Sparkle, Orange Sparkle, Rust Sparkle,
Red Sparkle, Copper Sparkle, Fuschia Sparkle, Pink Sparkle
What first got me lemming these in the first place (besides a general love for NYX), is Goss Makeup Artist Youtube Channel.  Wayne is pretty honest about what products work and what don't, and since he endorsed these I've been wanting to give them a try.  My Ulta doesn't have them, so I had to wait until I felt like placing an order with Cherry Culture. You see, I'm trying to earn a free gift card ;) (justifications...).
The best justification: A Beauty Blog Swatchfest!
Left to Right: Beige Sparkle, Walnut Sparkle, Plum Sparkle, Gold Sparkle,
Bronze Sparkle, Ginger Sparkle, Orange Sparkle, Rust Sparkle,
Red Sparkle, Copper Sparkle, Fuschia Sparkle, Pink Sparkle

Bare Lips

Beige Sparkle

Walnut Sparkle (surprised I like this one!)

Plum Sparkle

Gold Sparkle

Bronze Sparkle (disappointed with the pigmentaton of this one; it's really dark brown in the tube!)

Ginger Sparkle

Orange Sparkle (surprised I like this one, too!)

Rust Sparkle (surprised I don't like this one more)

Red Sparkle (disappointing. I was hoping for a dupe of Hourglass Siren, but it's a fail yet again. Not a bad color if that's not what you're aiming for, though)

Copper Sparkle (not what I'd call "copper" but it's pretty)

Fuschia Sparkle (NYX Mega Shine in African Queen is a better version of this color, IMHO)

Pink Sparkle (not so sparkly, but it's pigmented and pretty)

These are all fairly smooth and pigmented. I detect only a faint, paint-like odor that a lot of pigmented products seem to have (especially eye shadows, in my experience). So, I don't think any fragrance or flavor is added and the pigment smell is nigh on unnoticable.  They are not really sticky, though as they dry down they seem slightly tacky if I press my lips together or mush them around.  They last a few hours, which is pretty great for a gloss (though, I'd almost consider these a liquid lipstick if it weren't for the slip they have). 
I think these are a great bargain and my only complaints (besides wanting the likely more flattering, sold-out colors!) are that they aren't more moisturizing, and they photograph better than they look in person.  While not being gritty, there is something slightly gritty about their appearance in real life.  In pictures, though, they just look lovely and super-shiny.  I don't think someone with lots of lip color options needs these; rather they are not must-haves but nice-to-haves.  I really like the Orange Sparkle and Pink Sparkle, but I tend to gravitate towards these colors over the others.  I see why Wayne (Goss Makeup Artist) recommended them; as a makeup artist, these would be nicely lasting and photograph beautifully for print work.
As far as packaging goes, I prefer the cuter, bow-topped Nyx Mega Shine Glosses (actually, I prefer their cherry scent and heavier texture, too, but they aren't as long-lasting or pigmented).  This packaging sure looks familiar...

The textures of these glosses are nothing alike, if you're wondering.  The E.L.F. Glossy Gloss brush applicator is on the left and the NYX Diamond Sparkle doe foot is on the right.  I think the doe foot works for this gloss but is just slightly too flexible.
Overall, I am happy with these glosses but they don't have that somethin'-somethin' that is likely to make me repurchase (to be honest, usually that extra something is a packaging or flavor/scent bonus that makes using a product that much more fun). I hope you enjoyed this post :)

UPDATE: Seconds after I posted this Musings of a Muse posted a coupon code for 20% off through August 28th at Cherry Culture.  If you're liking these glosses, great time to snap them up!


  1. this is so helpful, i have a wheatish complexion, will beige sparkle suit it? :)
    xxoo, thanks

  2. Beige sparkle will suit warm complexions :)


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