Wednesday, November 23, 2011

REVIEW: NYX Highlight and Contour Powder

When I first opened up my compact of NYX Highlight & Contour Powder, I groaned.  I thought it would either go to waste or have to be sent back.  It looks like one of those giant Black&White Cookies from Manhattan:
Yum, but not so great for my fair-to-medium skintone!

Or so I thought.  When I swatched I was relieved to find both of the powders to be silky, sheer and *nearly* goof-proof.  I found them easy to both apply and blend with a regular blush brush from Eco Tools.  I got mine from for $8.50 (heads up; they're having a 20% off Thanksgiving sale with code TGS20 if you want to try your hand at contouring!).

There's a handy basic contouring guide on the outer packaging:

I applied according to these directions for the result below. What do you think?

Without Nyx Highlight & Contour Powder
With NYX Highlight & Contour Powder


  1. Oooh this looks interesting. it's difficult to see in the photos but I think it does emphasize your cheekbones more.

    Never seen this here though!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x

  2. Hey this is an interesting n useful review .thanks for sharing..

  3. I saw this on their website recently and was really curious, so thank you! It looks really natural on you, just like a shadow. Pretty!

  4. @Amelia, by your avatar I think you must be a pro at contouring, or unfairly blessed with gorgeous cheekbones ^.^
    @Cheeky Chic, my pleasure :)
    @Stephanie C., thanks! I think for a cosmetic klutz like me I can better get away with it at night, no?

  5. Great review! Overall, I love NYX products, so I might check this out if they have a shade dark enough for me to contour with. I've been on a huge contour & highlight kick! This looks gorgeous and I love how it sculpts certain area of your face. :)


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