Sunday, October 30, 2011

One left...

My first MSF!  I was at the MAC counter last night turning in empty lipstick tubes for Back-2-MAC (the new lipstick choice? Vegas Volt!).  I noticed a Lightscapade tester tucked behind a display and asked, on a whim, "Hey, would you happen to have any of these left?"  To my utter SHOCK the SA said, "Yes, we have one left."  I had to buy it, of course!
The other MAC counter I bought my Ice Parade set at was sold out the day Lightscapade came out, and when I was there placing my pre-order for the Festive Frost Kit three Japanese girls came up and asked a SA whether they had any Lightscapade left.  The SA who was placing my order and the other SA were commenting that they had people coming by to ask about it daily.
So, I never expected to find it anywhere :) Score, right? *happy dance*


  1. I always see this around but never tried it before. Glad that you got what you want! =)

  2. yay nice!!!! i had the same luck when i wanted mac everhip earlier this year! :)

  3. Awesome, Amanda, Everhip is so pretty and has a unique flourescent quality to it. I wish I could get another one :)

  4. What good luck! I can feel your excitement =)


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