Thursday, October 27, 2011

MAC Holiday 2011 Nordstrom Exclusive Fabulously Festive Frost Face Kit: Photos & Swatches

I'm so psyched because I just picked up my pre-ordered Nordstrom-exclusive Fabulously Festive Face Kit from MAC's Ice Parade Collection for Holiday 2011!  I swatched it all and took photos in case you're curious (mostly because I couldn't find any photos online anywhere myself!).  I also picked up Dazzleglass in Pleasure Principle, which is just sooo pretty!

I picked up this massive Vegan cookie at the Nordstrom Cafe while I was at it:

MAC Nordstrom Exclusive Festive Frost Face Kit:

The snowglobe on the palette is so cute!  The brushes are all right.  Not as good as full-size MAC brushes, but not as horrible as some reviewers make them out to be!

Left to right: Eyeshadows in Once Upon a Time (Veluxe Pearl), Below Zero (Frost), Embark (Matte), and Expensive Pink (Veluxe Pearl), Matte blush in Buff, Amplified Lipstick in Imagine This (it's so creamy!), and Lipglass in Tra-la-la

Swatches WITHOUT primer for a change!  Once Upon a Time is sheer but a good highlight color; Below Zero is the least pigmented but not too difficult to build up; Embark is very pigmented but similar in color to Below Zero; Expensive Pink is smooth, pigmented, gorgeous, and duochrome!
 Clearly these shades are well-coordinated. Embark would make a great liner shade while you could easily blend Below Zero in the crease without too much fear of overdoing it.  Even if you use the highly-pigmented Embark in the crease, I think it would be easy to blend out with Once Upon a Time!  I chose this kit because a) It was the only Fabulously Festive Face Kit Nordstrom had (correct me if I'm wrong, but the Warm and Cool sets might be a exclusive) and b) these colors really suit warm brunettes/redheads!

Tra-la-la Lipglass

Imagine This (Amplified) lipstick: it looks a lot better when you can see more of my face.
Wearing Imagine This lipstick.  I didn't really want to do a full face-shot because I'm not wearing this kit on my eyes or cheeks
These colors really say "Thanksgiving," so I'm excited I have my cozy Tofurkey Day makeup all figured out!  Did you get anything from MAC Glitter & Ice or Ice Parade collections today?


  1. so cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

  2. Very nice pictures! I love these subtle peachy colors on your face. They really bring out your eyes!

  3. Thanks, Dovey! I kinda slapped Estee Lauder Modern Mercury on my lids this morning in a rush!

  4. I an thinking about getting this set! Thank you for the swatches :)

  5. Hi Kirstyb, it is gorgeous!
    Hey Kat, my pleasure :D

  6. That palette is so cute! And you're right, this does have Thanksgiving written all over it.

  7. I love the lipgloss, very pretty. The snow globe is so cute too, although if I had it it wouldn't last 2 minutes cos I'm so careless with my stuff! x

  8. I love that lipstick on you! I think I'm going to have to skip this collection :(

  9. That Dazzleglass looks amazing!!!

  10. I love the result,and lipstick is awesome,cute blog,im folower :D

  11. @Seana, it is! It's a repromote but I had to have it once I'd swatched it :)
    @Ilda, thanks girl!

  12. the gloss looks amazing!!!!!!

  13. omg the palette looks so pretty, I love the browns!

  14. @Nisa, it's so pretty. Get it if you can!
    @Riya, I love brown colors if they remind me of chocolate <3 heehee


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