Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Makeup Graveyard Vol. 2: The Bad

I really wanted to say these leave a bad taste in my mouth, literally, but I have "the good, the bad, the ugly" theme going on.  Please keep in mind I hate floral lip products; though I might like their smell I can't stand getting it in my mouth.  It's like drinking perfume, bleh!
Left to Right:
Jouer lip enhancer: bleh, don't wanna eat baby powder!
Supergoop! Acaifusion Lip Balm spf30: tastes like sunscreen, ugh.
Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Soothers in Glimmer and Shimmer: a menthol cough drop that also has nuances of wax candle.
bareMinerals glosses in beignet (love the name, sigh), pink prosecco, and kir royale: I don't know why but I imagine this is what armpit tastes like.
Hard Candy Glossaholic in Rise & Shine: Coffee-flavor lip gloss. Why did I think this could possibly be anything but disgusting?
bareMinerals lipsticks in Rose Crepe and Sherbet: I do not like BM's lip product flavors.  They look great on but make me feel like I've been bobbing for crayons... in a toilet.
Ulta Lipcolor in Parisian Pout: Crayons
DuWop Iced Teas in Butter Rum: smells nice but it feels and tastes like grease
Victoria's Secret beauty RUSH spf 15 glosses: I love the regular line, but these taste like you mistook sunscreen for marshmallow fluff on your sundae.
Lancome Juicy Tubes 100% natural origin in Pop Art Hazelnut: doesn't taste like hazelnuts *sniffle* but rather a clover-honey. Not too disgusting but just unpleasant for my taste.
Lancome Juicy Tubes in Moulin Rose: if you like rose, you'll like this. It's just like Anna Sui lip products. I just can't stand it. Don't want to eat flowers!
Laura Geller lip heal & seal gloss: not sure this belongs in this pile, it's just so sticky!
NYX plump it up Lip Plumpers in Liv and Scarlett: taste isn't the issue, it's the angry sting
Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme (sample): Another gloss with an unpleasant feel and the taste of Barbies.

Any naughty lippies you can't stand to wear but would like to share here? Please comment below!


  1. I hate Too Faced Lip Injection Extrem! They said it was the first lip plumper thing in the world... well it hurts so bad every time I tried to put it on!

  2. Oh my goodness, your descriptions made me laugh so hard! I love the Neutrogena Soothers! But I also like menthol-like stuff.

    I can't stand MAC lipglass. I used to love them but the stickiness just drives me crazy now. Love their Plushglass but that's the only formula I like. Didn't really like Revlon's lipglosses either.

  3. @Katherine, I totally give up on lip plumpers. Owww right? Have you found any that work but don't hurt?
    @Kayla, I liked the Neutrogena ones at first but mine seemed to "go bad" within days. Weird.
    MAC lipglasses are starting to get to me, too. I'm preferring cremesheen lipsticks this year. Revlon glosses, though, are some of my faves! But overall I'm getting sick of lip glosses from any brand.

  4. Lmao what a funny post! I have so many icky sticky little lipglosses that I've randomly collected over the years :p they should definitely be banned!


  5. @Sarah No... I tried the dior one, it doesn't hurt that bad but it is more like a lip balm

  6. Oh bummer, no Angelina Jolie lips for me then, Kat!

  7. @Sarah LOL maybe try darker lip colors? Some times it works.

  8. Nice Blog...Very Informative:)
    I like May be line products personally..:)



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