Monday, October 31, 2011

October 2011 Favorites

October always seems to blow by, doesn't it? What with prepping for Halloween and the changing weather, it's such a dynamic month.  I, for one, was so busy I rarely had time for my trademark colorful eyeshadows and found myself primarily sporting statement lips!
Without further ado:

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder 001 Transparent $4
I never would have purchased this powder without hearing about it first from Hayley of Hayley is TCB.  She's such a makeup prodigy!  I trust products she recommends because I think she's quite the artist.  I haven't been disappointed in this matte setting powder at all.  It is an incredible bargain, doesn't make me break out or cause skin irritations, and doesn't make my skin appear paler.  It really controls oil, as well, for hours! My only complaint would be the packaging, but at $4 I'm not complaining!

Boo! Haunted powder!
Milani Lip Flash Pencils are $6.99 each, have great pigmentation and lasting power, and are nice and glittery for Halloween looks (or festive holiday looks in the coming months).  They sharpen really easily and are mostly smooth, though a bit sticky (I think that's why they last) and slightly gritty.  I bought these to be dupes of those Sephora-exclusive Urban Decay lip color pencils, but I don't own those so I can't compare.

03 Flash Light - the driest of the pencils

04 Photo Flash - really soft and moisturizing

05 Hot Flash - almost-dupe of Hourglass Siren gloss

Hot Flash topped with LE Milani Hot Flash gloss - even closer to Hourglass Siren

06 Flashy

07 In a Flash - this one is really sheer. Used in a FOTD here

08 Star Flash - difficult to cover my pigmented lips

Bath and Body Works Liplicious Lip Gloss $4 (Crazy for Candy Corn/Cookies & Scream) These are both yummy and glossy, but also sticky and I keep licking them off.  If you can avoid eating them, they last pretty long because of the stickiness.  I liked to wear them alone to feel festive or over the Milani Lip Flash pencils for extra gloss and moisture.  I blame the Muse for featuring Bath and Body Works products so often -- you can only witness so much cuteness before you give in!

NYC Bronzing Powder in Sunny $2.99 for when I don't go after Too Faced Chocolate Soleil in my Sweet Dreams Palette.  It's in my bathroom, handy for quick contouring when I'm running late (every day...), and a great bargain Stephanie C. from In Her Makeup Bag found.  Thanks, Steph!

MAC Painterly Paint Pot $17.50; best under cooler eyeshadows.  I use Soft Ochre for warmer shades, but this month I was reaching for more plum-toned neutrals when I had time to do eye makeup.

The blushes from Stila Travel Girl palettes, $14 per palette.  I have several so they're running the gamut of shades I've been reaching for to complement my bold lips.
Left to Right: Love and Empower palette hope & joy; Stila Loves Roxy palette gold coast & swim; Find Your Magic palette love & shimmer. Original review here
Ballet Flats (too cold for sandals, too warm for boots!), though it's starting to get too cold around here to skip out on fuzzy socks! For most of this month, though, I've been rotating the ballet flats collection.  It's just a coincidence that all these are a bargain, too!  I have to mostly stick to fabric shoes because I don't wear real leather.

Ballet Flats from Target and Kohl's

Do you go for comfy shoes and easy bold lips when you've got a busy month?


  1. Aw, thanks for linking me! I'm so glad you like the bronzer- it's a favorite of mine. :) Your flats are adorable, btw! I love love the leopard printed pair!

  2. I want to try those milani lip pencils so bad!! they always call my name when I'm at the drug store.
    And I also love Stay Matte powder! It's one of my favorites :)

  3. I would totally eat the lipglosses too, yum! The leopard print flats are cute!

  4. @Stephanie C. you always have great suggestions, especially bargain stuff that works great, so thank you <3

  5. those milani pencils look amazing! I will definitely add them to my target list!

  6. thank you for your kind comment~
    I love Painterly Paint Pot! And I have always wanted to try the Milani Lip pencils but I don't why I never have. They are really pretty.

  7. Hot flash looks really nice on you! Love it! :D

  8. @Kelly, they last pretty long, too. Fun for a bright lip :)
    @Nancy, if you like a metallic/glittery lip, you should give them a try :)
    @stella lee, thank you <3

  9. beautiful make-up!!!amazing blog!!! i'm following you!!! if like mine,do the same!!!

  10. This Milani Lip Flash Pencils look really good :)
    And I love this electric blue flats dear :*

  11. @Confessions of a Psycho Cat, thanks! I'm in the mood for sequins lately :)

  12. @Natalie, they're really great and not too expensive :)

  13. I really like the leo and golden flats =)

  14. Thanks Emilie, they go with everything :)


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