Friday, October 28, 2011

Lust Red EOTD: Is the Hype Around Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow to be believed?

Hi again, gals. I recently bought two Eyes to Kill Intense shadows by Giorgio Armani ($32 each retail, but they were 15% off with a promo code).  I had been lusting after them for months, poring over internet swatches and comparing their reviews on to help me choose colors... and I wound up choosing Lust Red and Khaki Pulse (not to be worn together, mind you!).

They're both creamy to the touch and swatch pigmented and gorgeous whether wet or dry, but I just can't settle my ambivalent feelings about them when I try them on my eyes:

In all of these photos, I'm wearing only Lust Red, without a primer, and applied dry (plus BADgal black mascara from Benefit).
Pro: the little red sparkles do come through, and this is clearly a black shadow, although,
Con: it is definitely a smokey black and not a true, deep black.  I'd like to try it over NYX Black Bean Jumbo Pencil in the future to see if I can get it to go deeper.
Pro: they last without primer and don't crease (some have called these cream shadows but I swear they're powder!)
Con: I experienced fallout whether I patted it on with a brush or my finger.
Pro: can be used wet or dry with a liner brush to make a smokey line
Con: even with a wet brush I couldn't get rid of the smokey, blurred-out effect and make a precise line like a glitter pencil, gel or liquid liner. It's just not as versatile as I'd hoped.
Pro: I think I like this vampy EOTD, but
Con: I tried to use this in my crease only with another look and it didn't blend as well as I had hoped. It performed "Just Okay" and nobody wants to pay that much for a color that performs so-so.

While this color is beautiful when swatched and the quality is not disputable, I have to confess I don't see why the hype is so big with these $32 eyeshadows.
I own all the 88 palettes made by Coastal Scents and my next order of business is to find a dupe. While the texture won't be creamy, I know, I think I could find a smokey black with red micro-glitters that isn't as flawed as MAC Beauty Marked and isn't so pricey (come to think of it, these pictures are reminding me of layering the gray and purple in the MAC Mineralize duo in Earthly Riches, too, but the look is only similar and not a dupe).
Update: There is also a new NARS Arabian Nights Palette with a similar shade (plus two others) for $45. Even though Chistine at Temptalia says the black with silver sparkles sucks, it's still NARS and it's still a better deal than the ETK shadows...

Don't get me wrong, I do like them.  I just don't think they're something to rave about if considering the full retail price (maybe $20 would be more appropriate?).  I really don't think they're must-haves or that you're missing out if you don't buy them.


  1. I have 5 of them, but I don't use them that often. They look cool from the jar but the colors I feel like nothing unique...

  2. Yeah, Kat, they are stunning when you swatch them, but they don't really play well with other shadows (blending) so it's easy to never use them :-/

  3. Thanks for the review, I haven't tied these shadows. The eyeshadow looks really great on you. Though it really helps that you have such beautiful eyes!

  4. Thanks, Penelope <3 I have to admit smokey eyes feel a little weird on me, and I hope that fact isn't affecting my review of this shadow.

  5. I'm always so intrigued to try these but worried I won't like them =/
    I don't think any of the colors really caught my eye that much looking at them on Temptalia, but I do like the look you did with this!

  6. Aw, thanks Seana! I think some people rave these to make themselves feel better about spending a lot of money on what amounts to dupable colors, or they got 'em free so the cost didn't factor!

  7. I have been curious about this product for a while now. It really is a lot to pay for something that you don't know is really going to work. It's pretty, but I'm not sure if it is worth the cost.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Hi Bonnie, my sentiments exactly!

  9. I'm so glad you do reviews in such detail - as a makeup novice I'd be easily swayed by a pretty appearance so it's so great to get an 'inside' opinion. I absolutely love the colour here but then I am a sucker for dark eye makeup etc


  10. Hi Sarah, if you're the type who likes to own few shadows and just do one and done on the lid, this isn't a bad option! Just a pricey one :)

  11. I agree with this post... I don't buy many high-end products at all due to the fact that they are no better than drugstore products. Based on this post, it seems as though wet n wild shadows are better quality that the Armani ones.


  12. Hi Holly, this *is* higher quality than Wet n Wild b/c it will stay on for hours without a primer... but you can get a primer under Wet n Wild and that wouldn't even be an issue :-P

  13. Aww! I am sad that they didn't wow you. I am still completely smitten with mine. I don't really experience fall out (though I don't have this particular shade) and they last forever. Are there alternatives? Absolutely but I really enjoy them and prefer them to most other creams I have tried. Although, I agree the price point is high and I would prefer to pay less for them.
    Also, this shade looks really smoldering on you! :)

  14. Thanks Danielle, I think I'm just disappointed that they're not life-changing! But I am impressed with the wear-time and they're way better than any comparably-priced shadow I've tried (i.e. Dior or Chanel) :)

  15. Love the colour, not so keen on the price!!

  16. No worries Sarah, I was the same when I tried Amber Diamond this spring. I thought it was going to be earth shattering and instead it was like...meh, I have a ton of highlighters that do the same thing for way I totally get the the feeling! ;)

  17. Really? I find that when I wet a liner brush with Fix+ I'm able to get a really nice, dark winged out look with this. I actually wear it more than black liner.

    ♥ Jessica

  18. @Emma, at least it was on sale!
    @Jessica, I wonder if the Fix+ is the key? It's about time I bought some :) Or, I've considered the possibility that this is supposed to be a cream and mine is dried out or something (but it's brand-new :( )

  19. I love this on you! I am not mad about the ETK shadows but so many people rave about them.

  20. Their lasting power is pretty impressive, I must admit :)


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