Monday, December 19, 2011

REVIEW: Blinc Liquid Liner

This one will be short 'n sweet.  As you may have seen, I got blinc's liquid liner in my December Birchbox.  I was excited to try the liner because I found it rather entertaining to pick off the little rubbery bits of blinc mascara back when I tried it, even though overall I thought the mascara was a fail.
Blinc liner doesn't disappoint in this area.  When you wash your face with your regular cleanser (it doesn't require makeup remover, but water is not enough.  It will stick around until you remove it), blinc liquid liner balls up into little rubbery bits just like blinc mascara did (photo here).  That's really all this liner has going for it, sadly.

Top, blinc liner.  Bottom, K-palette liner for comparison.
The brush (here, compared to the K-palette liquid liner nib) is too thick and doesn't taper to an effective point.  It is a bit floppy and just a bit tricky to control.  You won't have the option of a nice, super-skinny line.  The liner may have fared better with a thinner brush, but...

If you look closely, you will see that as this liner dries striations form (basically, it gets a stringy look).  The directions state you must apply all necessary coats before it dries, which I managed to do. In spite of that, the liner still dried with this glue-like appearance.
No, thanks.
My experience with the blinc line thus far suggests a fun little science project but as "innovative makeup products" they fail.


  1. Abit disappointing indeed, I usually use pen eyeliners (felt tip ones like the one from sephora) because I don't know how to use liquid liner but when I do try liquid liner and it does this,I use it on my dark shadow looks, so I apply the dark shadow from lid to crease, dark to light to make a kind of gradation effect (dunno if I'm being clear here ^^) and then I apply the liner as close as possible to the lash line so even if it's not perfect it's a bit blurred out by the dark shadow and still does what it's supposed to, which is, make my lashes look XXL big =) I hope this helps.

  2. AH! So we are still sticking to our K Palette then? Oh we love that liner x

  3. ooo the k palette liner looks nice!

    I gave you a blog award on my blog beautiful! <3

  4. omg, that's horrible, and I can see the dried texture. That's a good try though.

  5. @Sonam, I think this would work better with a dark shadow beneath, but I am a fan of the light-shadow-plus-winged-liner look. There's just much better stuff out there!
    @Yasumi, yes, let's stick to K palette? hehe
    @MissTwist, it is nice! I'm dying to try the similar Dolly liner from Japan, though. And thank you for the blog award <3
    @Riya, yes, I'm so glad I tried before buying!


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