Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crazy Cupcake Lady

Okay, you're either going to love this or hate it... and it will be picture-heavy and epic.

My Collection of Cupcake Stuff (not including t-shirts/pajamas)!

 Thirteen necklaces
 One bracelet, two rings, and twelve pairs of earrings

 Jewelry box
 Two Liplicious lip glosses, three balms, and nineteen different cupcake-shaped glosses

 Gift bag from a cupcake-scented bath set, two limited-edition Steamcream tins, cherry hand cream, strawberry hand cream, and a soap dispenser
 Bandaids tin, one of the bandaids, slide-open pocket mirror, blotting papers, cupcake floss, cupcake-shaped soap, cupcake-print hairbrush
 Pocket tissues, two manicure kits, nail file, compressed hand towel, nail file keychain

 Jessie Steele cupcakes pot mitt, oven mitt
 Sandwich bags, water bottle, sandwich case, cupcake carriers
 Red Velvet Cupcake scented candle from Target (I always buy and burn cupcake scented candles; this is just the current one!), eleven ceramic cupcakes
 Felt stickers, celo-stickers, magnets, photo holders, rubbers (heh), notebook, notepad (I am always buying cupcake stationery and using it up)
 Buttons, wallet, coin purse, lip balm cap keychain, i <3cupcakes keychain, eleven keycaps
 Blue and Pink cupcake earbuds!
Neff Cupcake beanie, cupcake mittens(you can still get them from Urban Outfitters), Scentportable from Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works socks rolled up into cupcake ornaments!

 Cupcake Princess ornament I happily snatched up in last year's White Elephant gift exchange >:D

 I was so excited when I got this little teapot/cup/saucer set from Borders before they went out of business for $10!
 Treats tower and wine glass
Nesting bowls


Bonus: Blogs I found because of my cupcake obsession:
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  1. My friend would love you!!! hahaha She is a baker and super into cupcakes, even has some tattoo's of cupcakes! I love it all!

  2. If I could tolerate pain I'm sure I'd have a cupcake tattoo! Someday... <3

  3. This is too cute! I love your cupcake collection!

    Now I know, everytime I see something with cupcakes on it, I'll be snapping up for you.

    My cousin once made the mistake of telling me she likes Russian Dolls. Now I buy her so many things with Russian Dolls that she's sick of it! I can't stop though lol.


  4. Oh my goodness! You have so many cupcake items! So cute :3

  5. This is incredible! I've never seen so much cupcake stuff all at once! x

  6. hahahhaahaha...I can't believe it...pretty awesome collection :))) Love the necklaces (all 13 of them) and earrings :))) and of course lip stuff :)))))

  7. @Nazia, I'm the same way! My sister loves turtles so I'm always buying her turtle jewelry, plushies, knicknacks...

  8. That is absolultely amazing! Cupcakes are so cute I think :)

  9. I've slowed down acquisition considerably recently... but the fingerless glove/mittens are new :)

  10. I love cupcake jewelry! I think it adds a really fun, sweet (no pun intended -- okay, maybe a little) vibe to an outfit.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. @Bonnie, oddly though I must admit I rarely wear it... I just look at it all... what a weirdo I am!

  12. Awww are you serious? That is amazing, I'm jealous! I really want some of these ceramic cupcakes - what do you store in them?

  13. Hey Gaby, I don't actually have anything in them, but some of them came with candles in them.

  14. awww adorable! I must have a cupcake key cap!! *searches ebay*
    If I remember correctly I had the No7 Lash Adapt in 'Deepest Black' its a really great mascara
    :D xoxo

  15. Oh my goodness this is awesome honey!xxx

  16. Omg wow! Ha-ha I thought I was a fan of cupcakes... you just put me well and truly to shame lady!


  17. This is sooo cool. I <333333 the tea pot!!! It is so freaking cute!!

  18. hehe, I love smiley food, Nancy!

  19. I wish I could wear purple so well. It has a ghastly habit of making me look bruised. You on the other hand look radiant and beautiful!

  20. Hi Yasumi, I have to really pack it on or I get the same problem! Thank you <3

  21. Woah!!! That's crazy! In a good way.


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