Friday, November 18, 2011


Dior Aurora (Full name: Diorskin Nude Glow Healthy Glow Summer Powder in Aurora 001) is a gorgeous, sold-out, limited-edition satin-finish peachy bronzer from Dior's Spring 2011 collection.  Many of my favorite beauty bloggers have expressed that they've hit pan on theirs recently.  I often wind up disappointed when I spend more than $40 on a product, but I don't regret a thing about Dior Aurora (it was one of my September Favorites!).  It's the perfect no-brainer cheek color. 
I'm not sure if there are any readers out there who missed their chance to get this one, but just in case you were hoping for an affordable dupe, it just so happens I've lucked into TWO of them!
Honorable mentions: NYX Blush in Terra Cotta is a very similar peachy bronze, except it is an absolute shimmer bomb.  NYC Bronzing Powder in Sunny $2.99, is a matte bronzer of a similar intensity, but completely lacks the peach of Aurora.

Dupe Contestant #1 is Gold Coast, a blush in the Stila Loves Roxy Palette $14, LE but still available.  It's the top blush in the palette.

Dupe Contestant #2 is Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in 60 Coffee Cake (cute name, right?).  This is being discontinued, which is how I happened upon it; I saw it on clearance and when I got it home and tried it on my cheeks I found its glow really familiar! Retail price is about $7.49, but check your local drugstore to see if they've got it on clearance (I got mine for $4.40 at Meijer).

Both of these look more shimmery than Aurora in the swatches, but their shimmer blends away to leave more of a satin finish that more closely resembles Aurora.

In natural light (shade), left to right: Dior Aurora, Maybelline Coffee Cake, Stila Gold Coast

In natural light/artificial light mix

In warm artificial light

This Dupe Smackdown is a little different from the previous four.  I'm not really seeking a "Winner" this time.  Dior Aurora is a long-gone limited-edition product that I think is just fantastic enough to make me want to hunt down a similar color to get the same glowy-effect on days I can't be bothered to apply several different products.  Both Stila Gold Coast Blush and Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Coffee Cake satisfy this desire!  I did the classic test of applying Dior Aurora to one cheek, and it's potential dupe to the other, and found that both of these look and wear just as well.

Dior Aurora is on my right cheek, and Stila Gold Coast is on my left

FOTD: Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer in Medium, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 4.75 (a little too light), Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles in 60 Brightener (the pink one), Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Silk Eyeshadow in 6 Khaki Pulse, Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara, Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara in Black, MAC Hue Lipstick
Betsey Johnson Earrings
Express Sweater
Someone wanted to see how this top looks on me, so here you go!
Haha, obligatory office bathroom picture!


  1. Ohh nice colors! I wanted to try out the mousse blush but I don't think I'd be able to get it since its discontinued! haha lame! I should have gotten it before when I was eyeballing it! haha I seriously love your haircut! I'm too scared to do something bold like that! haha

  2. Hi MissTwist! You should look for it because I think it was only just discontinued and is still around! And thanks <3

  3. those are very pretty! i'm going to look for the covergirl or stila ones.

  4. Hi mybeadifullife, Maybelline <3

  5. Hi, just started reading your blog and omg you're adorable! I am really loving the Maybelline blush, I have to hunt it down now. Thanks!

  6. Hi Vilay, thanks for reading <3 I hope you have an easy time finding it!

  7. I love that Dior powder!! It is one of my favorite things in my makeup case, and that is saying a LOT because that makeup case is fullfullfull!!
    You look totally gorgeous, my dear!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Bonnie, me too! And thanks, lovely!

  9. you look beautiful! i love the reviews, i dont know much about makeup so its great you can tell us whats worth spending on :) im going to follow you!

  10. You look gorgeous!! <3

  11. wauw youre really beautiful, love youre blog!
    I'm following now!
    would love you to follow me..

  12. You're gorgeous Sarah and I love your top its super cute! What a great dupe, very similar!

  13. Oh my, you are stunning! Your eyes just pop~ And you hair cut is so flattering and chic!

  14. @Chloe, thank you doll <3
    @Riya, thank you! I hope it helps people who are wondering about the color :)
    @Nancy, you're too nice, haha. You're totally beautiful and I want to somehow steal your blending skills :P

  15. You're so beautiful! :)
    And your haircut fits you perfectly

  16. Ruby and Siel, thank you so much <3 :)

  17. Great dupes!

    you look absolutely beautiful! You have such amazing features and I can imagine you look just as stunning without any makeup!

  18. Thanks, Penelope :) You're so sweet! Unfortunately I'll always *need* makeup because w/out I look quite tired and spotty ^.^;;

  19. Thanks, violetsage :) I'll definitely take the stamp of approval from you b/c I like your style

  20. I'm having a little catch up on your blog today :D You look super cute on those photos >.< You have a 'twiggy' look about you, I wish I could pull off such a pixie hair cut xoxo

  21. Thanks! I love that old Twiggy look :) Your hair is pretty, so no worries! I cut mine off originally because it was so damaged from coloring and straightening.


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