Thursday, November 10, 2011

My First Blog Swap! Super-Thank You to Pinkstrawberrielove

Wowowowow, I am so floored by the generosity of Riya from Pinkstrawberrielove!  She e-mailed me and offered to take my blog-swapping virginity (okay, she didn't say it like that at all, LOL).  Now I'm a little worried I was stingy or something, but of course I really hope she loves what I sent her ^.^

Look at this fantastically generous gift from Riya~

She knew I was having trouble finding Asian beauty brand cosmetics where I live (Detroit area) these days.  It used to be a lot easier but with our economy doing so poorly a lot of people have moved away, including shops that were importing fun Japanese and Korean beauty goods!  I got to try some Japanese products when I lived in Japan, but I haven't had a chance to try any of the Korean brands (Laneige, Missha, Etude House, etc.) that I've been reading so much about on some of my favorite blogs i.e. Musings of a Muse and, of course, Riya's blog <3

Skincare: Some wrinkle creams (haha, I need these and Riya most definitely does not!), those paper masks (I've never tried one! So excited! Including the Hello Kitty one <3) lotions, face washes, and even peels... I LOVE peels!
Look at that pretty purple Missha compact powder! I believe it's a highlighter and I can't wait to swatch (I'll swatch some of these things when I have decent light).  There's a tangerine blusher with a cute rocking-horse embossing, pink glosses, and a doll-skin makeup primer that Riya says is a favorite! She always looks so perfect so I'm really excited to use her secret (heehee).
I actually asked if she'd get me some of the Dolly Wink Lashes, and they are MASSIVE.  I wonder if they'll fit on my lil eyes? I'm excited to try the Sugarpill sample because I haven't used any of that brand yet :) The Majolica Majorca mascara is a favorite of Riya's, so I bet I'll really like it as well <3  The little gold eyeshadow is by Missha, and Riya must have read my mind (or blog) because that's a lime green Anna Sui eye shadow and greens KATE palette! <3 <3 <3 Lastly, there are some white shimmer cream shadows in a tube and pencil, and a liquid liner with a verrrry fine tip:
It came with a single J-Pop CD and I like some J-Pop a lot (mostly early 2000's Ayumi Hamasaki and Hikaru Utada, if you're curious), so it'll be fun to give it a listen on my looong morning commute :)
Extras: For fun she included a bilingual Japanese/English fashion mag, Sugarpill decal, and some little nail art and hair care pamphlets. That little package with the rose on it is a shampoo brush which is awesome because I've been wanting to try one of those (but my husband will probably steal it from me for a scalp massage, lol).  The little Tous-style bear might be a hair tye but I'd wear it on my wrist :) I can definitely wear the little pink bow band! I've been known to make makeshift Alice bands with ribbon, after all.

Last but not least is a whole rainbow of adorable nail polishes. I'm absolutely going to swatch these and write a post as soon as we get a sliver of sunlight!

A humongous, enthusiastic "Thank you so much!!! <3" to Riya for her thoughtfulness and generosity.  You totally made my month! I'm so looking forward to trying all this amazing stuff out *happy dance*


  1. this looks awesome! i hope you have lots of fun with the goodies ^^ i love asian cosmetics~ too kawaii

  2. oh wow she sent you alot of goodies! I've always wanted to try out asian products but never do because I don't know what to get! ha ha and shipping is always insane sometimes! I'm so cheap! haha :-P Oh i defiantly want to see a post on how all of this stuff worked for you! <3

  3. That kate palette looks cute! <3<3<3

  4. Awww, your so welcome for this swap! I love swaps! lol you're not the only one that I took their blog swapping virginity hahaha! I took at least three bloggers already hahaha! I'm sad that I still didn't get yours yet, probably tomorrow?! I'm glad that you loved everything, I had so much fun picking random cosmetics for you. I hope you do some looks or reviews on them. =)

  5. This looks so awesome!! Cant wait for the nailpaint swatches! Have funn! <3

  6. wow, you got a lot of lovely stuff! The colour of those polishes look lovely so can't wait for a post about them!

  7. Oh wow! That's some great goodies you got there! ^_^

  8. very nice post! :)


  9. Ahh Face Shop. I love their polishes. So many brilliant colors. I'm so glad it's here in Korea with me.

    How did your friend get it to send to you? Is it elsewhere too? I thought it was only a Korean brand.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog post yesterday. You mentioned you could relate, and in this post you talked about wanting asian products, how come? Did you live here at some time? I'm intrigued! :)

    Have a great weekend!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING <3

    Last few days to enter my GIVEAWAY

  10. @Cinnabunnie, <3 thanks!
    @TheMissTwist, coming right up :D
    @Katherine, the blue in it is super-pigmented <3
    @Riya, I think you'll get it today! Last I checked the tracking, anyway. If it isn't today I'm gonna kick the postman! :D I hope you love it!
    @HinaLokwani, swatches coming soon! Love your Ariel avatar <3
    @Sarah, yes :)
    @Liz, indeed! <3
    @Ugly Duckling, I believe there are lots of Asian markets in California? Still, a lot of the skincare samples, etc. had English instructions/ingredients on them, I was really surprised! I haven't lived in Korea, but I lived in Japan (and Korean things were really popular in Japan at that time, and probably still). Love your blog <3


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