Monday, February 6, 2012

Roses Ultimes de Chanel

This is not a real post (sorry), just wanted to share this picture with you:
This look is so me! Someday I want to bleach out my pixie like that <3
The promo photo is from a Chanel e-mail and if you go to their beauty site it's amongst Glossimers.


  1. Love this! The Chanel promo pics are always so pretty xxx

  2. Pixie haircuts are so cute on some people. On others -- well -- They just shouldn't. I bet it would look AMAZING on you, though. You have my vote to try it!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. I think the haircut would really suit you! You already look great in short hair :)

  4. OMG Sarah when I saw the thumbnail pop in my dashboard, I actually thought it was you LOL! I LOOOOOOOOOVEEEE this hair color and I would definitely go for it if I wasn't afraid of the maintenance -_-

  5. @Glimmer and Glow <3 I totally agree!
    @Bonnie, thanks :)
    @Psycho Cat, I know she looks adorable <3
    @Nic Nic, thank you so much :D
    @Gaby, wow that's really flattering <3 Thank you! Really good point about the maintenance; I often forget about that with extreme color changes :-/

  6. I actually do think that a bleached pixie would suit you really well! A very sophisticated NY look!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Makes me want a pixie crop! Bleach would suit you SO much though <3


  8. I'd love it if I could get it that light. Last foray into bleaching led to orange!


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