Friday, October 28, 2011

Photos & Swatches: Kate Spade New York Supercalifragilipstick in Adventurous Red

Happy Friday, ladies! Let me cut to the chase and let you know that this red isn't particularly "Adventurous" at all.  It's quite sheer, actually.  While flattering, I found the pigmentation to be a disappointment with a name like "Adventurous Red!" I guess someone who has the cash for a $24 sheer lipstick and wants to pussyfoot into the world of red lips might be very happy with this. I'm glad I got it on sale for $17 and I will enjoy using it (even though I wish it had more oomph!).  It's not really worth it, though.
I remembered to get a picture of the "button" this time!  Unfortunately, while the box wasn't at all crushed this time, the lipstick tube had some random sticky glue on it that I did my best to clean off and the bullet looked like it had been improperly molded.

Left, one swipe. Right, many, many swipes.

It's a bit too emolient and I couldn't get the color to show in the center.

Popped in.

After a press, the bullet-end pops out.
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  1. looks like an amazing color! great!
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  2. Wowww lovely color i want it suits on you :)

  3. Such a beautiful colour! Really love it. Yeah, I hate it too when lipsticks refuse to show up in the centre of he lips! Thanks for sharing!

  4. @samecookiesdifferent, it is a nice color just too sheer :)
    @SadeeStyle, thank you! It is a flattering true-red shade, I must admit.
    @Penelope, thank you <3 it is definitely a pretty red. I just think they should make it more clear in advertising that the lipsticks are very much like a pigmented, glossy lip balm!

  5. the color is nice but its a bummer that the coverage/formulation isnt great! =/

  6. @Seana, I haven't tried them yet but this is what I expect those new Revlon Colorburst lip butters to be. Man, I wish I could find those!

  7. wow i cant help but notice your nails! :D


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