Friday, October 14, 2011

Jewelmint Wishlist: October 2011 Edition

Hi again gals :) I had such a hard time picking out this month's Jewelmint piece and here's why:

 Ganesh Earrings: These look straight out of a Bollywood movie to me, and I feel like I've never seen chandelier earrings in this exact configuration (aka, I think they're rather unique!).  They're quite stunning and can take center stage because my pixie haircut shows all.
 Versailles Earrings: They're so ornate/elaborate, and if google searches have told me anything else they are also ma-HUsive!  I could just see myself wearing these with a simple floor-length sheath to my office's swanky holiday party...
 Petit Coeur Necklace: Adorable little heart charms on a long delicate chain, I love the colors (of course) and could see myself wearing this with an every-day sort of outfit.
 Wonderland Earrings: Alice reference aside, I have manymany pairs of earrings that feature a bow and a drop as I'm mad about this look.  These are far larger than this picture suggests, and they seem to be quite detailed.  I just love Alice and that modern punk-victorian aesthetic!  This was Jewelmint's "Top Match" for me, and if it weren't for my preference for necklaces I'm sure I would have gotten these.

Bambina Cameo Ring: I'm not much of a ring-wearer, but this is one of the prettiest cocktail rings Jewelmint has featured, in my humblest.  LOVE the fleurs-de-lis!
 Yves Rings: I love that they're stackable, I love that they are multi-metal, and I LOVELOVE that they remind me of the world created by one of my favorite bloggers, Worship Blues. Yes, I say she's created a world!
 Lovers Only Necklace: I know you may be thinking I always go for the lock-and-key motif, but really what I love about this is that the keyhole is floating and the key looks antiqued. And, it's a necklace!
 Empress Necklace: A Faberge Egg necklace... WANT!
 Victorian Charmer Necklaces: I like the layered necklace look and how the shorter looks like a little perfume vial.  The longer has a magnifying glass charm, which makes me think of A Series of Unfortunate Events (haven't read the books but I think the movie is underappreciated).

Baltic Gem Earrings and Calla Lilly Earrings: I haven't done any holiday shopping just yet, but either of these earrings would be just right for my sister.  Her favorite color is purple and she prefers modern or classic jewelry and silver.  Her wedding flowers were Calla Lillies and I was her Maid of Honor <3 Don't you love it when you see something that would make the perfect gift for a specific person?

Anyways, let me just reiterate that I'm not at all affiliated with Jewelmint and I can't vouch for them as a company, but so far I'm a fairly satisfied customer and this month I was just floored by how many pieces I wanted so I thought it would be fun to write up this post to share them with you (deep breath, horrible run-on sentence full-stop)!  Have you seen any Jewelmint bits in magazines or on blogs that have made you consider joining up?


  1. Earrings are my passion :) I love this versailles, so elegant!

  2. They'd look so gorgeous on you!

  3. These earrings look fabulous! I'd love to get the silver ones with the gemstones!

    Thanks for following, follow you too now! xx

  4. love the earrings and the flower ring.;) Following you!

  5. cute jewelry! love the rings!! (:


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