Saturday, July 30, 2011


Happy Saturday!  My first dupe smackdown is going to be perennially popular MAC Shy Girl $15 vs. Lancome (GWP freebie!) Color Design Lipstick in B-List $22 and NYX Round Lipstick in Pumpkin Pie $4. I purchased each of these on my own, except the Lancome lipstick was a GWP when I bought a Color Design Palette.

NYX Pumpkin Pie, Lancome B-List, and MAC Shy Girl applied in unblended zones to lips. Can you tell where one ends and another begins?
Smell: MAC definitely wins for smell, but I LOVE the smell of most MAC lipsticks as they have that signature vanilla scent *usually* but some lipsticks and lipglasses I've had didn't have that tasty smell --namely Patisserie (Lustre) and Bubble Tea Lipglass (Plushglass) -- but Shy Girl smells as tasty as they come.  The Lancome Color Design has a vaguely floral scent that fortunately disappears quickly. In last place is the soap smell of the NYX lipstick, but these are so cheap and otherwise high-quality that I usually let that slide and get them anyway!

Taste: None of these have a taste, really, except the NYX so rather than a winner we have a loser.

 Texture:  All of these are relatively creamy and opaque.  The Lancome and NYX are the creamiest, but Lancome trumps the NYX for lasting power (NYX round lipsticks don't stick around that long).  The MAC lipstick is harder and less creamy (despite being a "cremesheen" finish) but it's also the glossiest and lasts pretty long.  Texturally for me Lancome wins.

Color: These are all fairly dead-on dupes, but I think that MAC Shy Girl is slightly pinker and glossier. This doesn't really translate on lips.

Winner: MAC Shy Girl wins for me on its mid-price point and smell, but Lancome B-List wins if you can get it as a GWP, for sure (can't beat creamy, pigmented, AND free!).

Left to Right: MAC Shy Girl, Lancome B-List, NYX Pumpkin Pie on NC25 skin


  1. this is so cool. thanks for swatching hun... i cant get mac in malta so it's nice to see a shade i know ill like xD and about the rimmel nude delight one.. it's actually very similar to pumpkin pie,with a cosmetic smell, no shimmer, and more of a peachy brown tan a peachy pink brown :)

  2. Thanks, Dyna! So many people love that Rimmel I really was lemming it :)


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