Friday, January 13, 2012

Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm: First Impressions

Happy Friday! Today I have a new product that I'm kind of excited about.  It's Stila's almost-BB Cream, the  stila stay all day 10-in-1 HD beauty balm! 

The first surprise I got in playing with this product is that it's intended to be worn under tinted moisturizer.  Normally I'll slap on a BB cream over tinted moisturizer, as my foundation.  Clearly, this isn't intended to be a BB cream at all so that misconception was my bad.

So exactly what is this? A primer?  A tinted moisturizer? Well, I think it is sort of both (hence the reason one could mistake this for a BB cream).  There are some percentage (%) claims, but I usually ignore those.  Let's start with the general idea of benefits:

1- microspheres to hide skin imperfections.  This isn't a new concept - apparently this is why they are calling this product "HD" like Make Up For Ever's famous foundation.  At this time with only one wearing I can conclusively state that the microspheres in the product are definitely there and working to blur imperfections!
2- skin protecting emolients.  This is how the product is like a tinted moisturizer.  Now, I have combo skin so I found this to be adequate without tinted moisturizer on top.  My neck, however, is really dry right now because of my acne treatment, so I put some Dermalogica Active moist on top of the beauty balm on my neck.  I think someone with dry skin would probably need a moisturizer but my dry-ish combo winter skin is fine without.
3- tripeptide-37, bamboo and pea extracts - what?  Obviously I can't verify the anti-aging claims with one use, but I do feel like pore and fine-line visibility are diminished :)
4- long-wearing formula (I'll have to update this post once the product has been on my face all day, but this is just a first-impressions post) UPDATE (8 hours later): I wouldn't exactly brag that this product is long-wearing.  The coverage hasn't completely disappeared at the 8-hour mark, but my combo skin is definitely showing shine and some redness that was covered up initially.  Not a total failure but not particularly long-wearing, in my humblest.
5- helps reduce pore size and provides oil and blemish control. I do feel that this left a nice, matte finish in spite of its creamy texture.  This works the way I had hoped Benefit The Porefessional would (but didn't really, for me).  My pores are not anywhere near as visible as they usually are!  So far this is the most successful part of this product for me. UPDATE: 8 hours later, you may need to blot (see photos below).
6- reduces redness and skin irritation.  I'm not sure if it's because of the tint or not, but I don't feel this irritates my skin at least and the redness is lessened. But I don't consider my skin to be particularly sensitive so delicate ladies should obviously get a sample of this first!
7- smallest size of coated pigments for seamless coverage.  While the coverage is only light in my opinion, I do feel this was smooth and very easy to blend into my skin (I used my fingers and rubbed it in like a lotion, which worked fine).
8- luxurious glide and silky, powdery finish... absolutely true!
9- ideal for all skin types and tones.  Well, this works for my NC25 skin but I can't imagine this working for dark skintones.  I think this claim is a bit iffy.  If you used this as a foundation primer, though, the tint might be subtle enough that it wouldn't make a darker lady look strange.
10- oil-free, paraben-free and dermatologist tested.  In my casual research, the claim "dermatologist tested" is often used but essentially meaningless!  I do like that this is oil-free because I have acne-prone skin, and I like that it's paraben-free :)

I bought this myself from Ulta for $38.  I think that price is kind of ridiculous, but they had a special on where I got a free Waterproof Sparkle Liquid Eye Liner in Electric ($22 value), and that was on my to-buy list since I saw it made the 2011 favorites list of Danielle at Bloomin' Beauty.  It was a good deal for me, but I don't know whether I'd pay $38 for this beauty balm without some other purchasing incentive. 

The next surprise - No SPF!  I think this might be the #1 reason you can't really call this a BB Cream!  Oddly, though, it does have titanium dioxide listed as an ingredient, which often provides some sun protection. Perhaps the amount of it is only for pigment and doesn't provide enough measurable SPF.  This could be a good thing, though, because SPF notoriously can cause flashback face in photos.  If you don't have many blemishes to cover up this beauty balm could be an amazing alternative to foundation that feels light and silky and photographs well.
 You can see my red spots through it, so I'd definitely call this coverage "light"
 I have really large pores on my nose and cheeks, but I think they're blurred quite nicely!  Even though I can see all those spots, the finish on my skin is so velvety and pretty I almost don't mind.
 I should have put some concealer on the red spots, but I didn't. 
Everything on my face: H20+ Sea Results Eye Mender eye cream, La Roche-Posay Effeclar Duo, stila stay all day 10-in-1 HD beauty balm, Revlon Photo Ready concealer just under eyes and around nose with Essence powder just on those areas to set the concealer, Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Coffee Cake (this applied over the beauty balm like the two were meant for each other!), Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Creme Brulee, Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara

UPDATE PHOTOS: 8 Hours Later

Oh, hai pores... and shine.

I didn't do any kind of touch-up.  This isn't a long-wearing product but I'd say its longevity is average.
My chin has been kinda red from my acne treatment, and the redness is showing through by the 8-hour mark.
Overall, I'm really digging this product and it's giving me a really great first impression.  It would be an amazing go-to for rolling out of bed and running out the door on a no-fuss day.  If you don't have any blemishes like you see on me, this gives skin such a lovely finish that  I *almost* don't mind that my old red spots are showing through.
What do you think? Is this beauty balm for you?


  1. The finish is really nice. I've never tried a cream like this so I might go get it and give it a go.

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  2. I am so curious about bb creams and no clue which to try first! Great review!

  3. I havent tried this but the lack of SPF would make me reluctant to buy it. Somehow,, I have turned into an SPF junky.

  4. @Amelia,this would probably look lovely on you. Of course, you live in the homeland of BB creams so you have more to choose from ^.^
    @Miranda, this one and Boscia's are a good place to start among U.S. BB Creams :)
    @Yasumi, like the kind that gets psyched about SPF 100+? LOL ;)

  5. Hmmm I'm new to BB Cream and I've only recently started to use the one from Marcelle and I don't know, I wouldn't say I'm disappointed because I didn't really know what to expect but after hearing all the rave about BB Cream, I guess I was expecting a miracle product! The one from Marcelle does blur (but not completely conceal) my HUGE pores, but that's all. I will continue to use it before writing a full review on it though, my thoughts might change (hopefully!)

  6. Hi Gaby, I haven't heard of that brand before and I look forward to your review! BB Creams get the raves because they are all-in-one usually, but in my experience they never do *everything* as well as separate products.

  7. It definitely looks good enough to warrant buying it :) I'm not sure it'd be an amazing 'favourite' but definitely like you say a good 'go to' for those days with no time. Of course the fact that you're utterly stunning doesn't hurt it!


  8. Hi Sarah, you're way too kind, heehee. It does a great job of evening out skintone while looking like smooth, matte, good skin. Lots of people don't have spots but still need the evening-out and this would be best for them, but even spots are blurred by it. I really think it ought to be cheaper, though!

  9. wow $38 is pretty expensive for a BB cream, but it looks really promising. It's interesting to see the Western brands' take on the BB creams!

  10. Hi Nic Nic! They are pretty different from Korean and Japanese BB creams I've tried :) This one is almost more of a primer! I really like it, nevertheless.

  11. Thank you for this in-depth review Sarah! I had seen an email about these and wondered what the scoop was. Thanks for including pictures later in the day too! It is so helpful for those of us with rather oily skin!

  12. My pleasure, Danielle. I feel better about posting unglamorous pictures if they're useful ;)


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